Ocoya vs. Hootsuite: Who Will Seize the SMM Throne?

Simon Orgulan
12 min
January 12, 2024

Never was a better time in history to do social media marketing than now. Thanks to the abundance of SMM tools that are available nowadays, you can efficiently manage multiple social media profiles, generate engaging captions on the fly with AI technology, find out the top performing hashtags at the click of a button, and more.

The only question is, which one to go with, considering the sheer amount of options available? To help you reach a conclusion on your own, we’ve pitted our very own Ocoya against Hootsuite, a massive giant in this space that’s been around since 2008. Given its popularity in the digital marketing world, those are quite some muscles to go against!

However, as gigantic as it may seem at first glance, there are many areas in which Ocoya objectively straight-up outperforms it, hands down. To get a general overview, you are welcome to scrutinize the summary table we’ve prepared for you below. For a detailed overview of what to expect using each of these tools, keep on reading.

Ocoya vs. Hootsuite at a glance

Categories Ocoya Hootsuite
Monthly pricing$15/$39/$79/$159 $99/$249/$739/Enterprise
Platforms supported • Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• TikTok
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• TikTok
• Youtube
Features • Image/GIF designer
• Video generator
• Music library
• eCommerce
• Hashtags
• Captions
• Scheduling
• Analytics
• All your social media profiles in one place
• Ad campaigns
• Link shortener
• Background remover
• Hashtags
• Ideal post time suggestions
• Spellchecking
• Scheduling
• Canva templates
• Social listening and brand monitoring
• Analytics
• Social advertising
• All your social media profiles in one place
Integrations • Shopify
• WooCommerce
• Canva
• Google Business
• TikTok
• YouTube
• Etsy
• BigCommerce
• Ecwid
• Zapier
• Airtable
• Make
• Adobe Express
• Unsplash
• Giphy
• Pexels
• Pixabay
• Dropbox
• Slack
• 123FormBuilder • Acquia DAM • Adobe Stock • Adview • AEM Assets for Hootsuite • AETracker for Hootsuite • Airtable Automations • Airtable for Hootsuite • Amplify • aprimo • ArchiveSocial • Asana • Audiense • Audiogram • Avis Vérifiés • Basecamp • Beautiful Stock Photos • Blogger • Box for Hootsuite • Branch • Brandfolder • BrandFort • BrandMaxima Analytics • Brandwatch • Brightcove • Brolly • Canto • Canva • CELUM-Hootsuite Connect • Channelview Insights • Channelview Watch • Chatfuel • Chatkit • Chute • ClickDesk • Cloohawk • Cloudview for Hootsuite • ContentGems • Copysmith • Crowd Analyzer • Crowd Content • Curate by UpContent • Dailymotion • Dall-E • Dash • Data Dwell • Digimind • Digizuite for Hootsuite • Disqus • Doppeltime • Dribbble • Dropbox for Hootsuite • E-DEAL for hootsuite • Engage AI • EnTribe Connect • Episerver for Hootsuite • Fedica • Figma • Filtr8 Feeds and Magazines • Flickr • Flipboard • ForSight by Crimson Hexagon • Fourstarzz Influencer Recommendation Engine • Freshdesk • GaggleAMP • Galaxy social connector • Get Satisfaction • Google My Business • Google My Business - Business Messages • Google Translate • Grid for Hoot • HelloWoofy.com • HipChat • Hootsuite Ads • Hootsuite for monday.com • Hootsuite Syndicator • HubSpot • Insense • Instagram Grid • Interact • Issuu • JIRA Service Desk • Kapost • KAWO • Klarity Analytics for Sina Weibo • Klarity Analytics for Tencent Weibo • Kontest • Lately AI • LeadSift • LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics • Lucidya • Magento Facebook Product Catalog Synchronization • MailChimp • Marketo Free • MediaValet • Meltwater Integration • Mentionlytics • MerlinX Extension • Miappi for Hootsuite • Microsoft Dynamics 365 • Microsoft Office 365 Yammer • Mintent Social Integration • Miro • MobileMonkey • monday.com • NetBase Social Listening & Analysis • Netino • NetX Media Library • Newslit • Nexalogy • Notion • oneclick.bio • OneDrive • Open AI for Hoot • OpenText • Oracle Eloqua • Outgrow • Pageview • Panoramiq Insights • Panoramiq Multiview • Panoramiq Watch • Pendulum • PhotoShelter for Brands • Pictographr • Pixel Hunter • pixx.io • Playing Surface • Pocket • PromoRepublic • Pulsar Core • Radarly • Reddit • Reply.ai Chatbots • Reputology • ReviewInc • ReviewTrackers • RiteBoost • RSS Autopublisher • Salesforce • ShareRoot • Shopview for BigCommerce • Shopview for Magento • Shopview for Shopify • Shopview for WooCommerce • Shutterstock for Hoot • SIDEARM Sports • Simple Sales Tracking • Simplebooklet • Sina Weibo • Slack • Slack Pro • Smart Moderation • Smooth Publish • SnapEngage • Social Hub by Springbot • Social SafeGuard • SoundCloud Free • Spark Flow • Spectrm • Spotify • Spreadshop Marketing • Stackla • Stackla Assets • StatSocial • StoreYa • Strava • Streamchat • Streamnotes • SugarCRM for Hootsuite • SurveyMonkey • Synapfeeds • Synapview • Synthesio • Tabfoundry Campaigns • Talkwalker • Talkwalker Free News Alerts • The Bot Platform • TINT • Tradable Bits • Trello • TrendSpottr • TrendSpottr Pro • Trustpilot Reviews • Upfluence for Hootsuite • UsefulFeedback • Vanilla Forums • Vidyard • Vimeo • Weather Stream • WebDAM • Wordpress.com • WordPress.org • WorkOutLoud • Wrike • Yext Reviews • Zapier • Zendesk • Zendesk Pro • Zift123
AI content generatorYesYes
CollaborationYes (plus theme customization and role assignment)Yes
eCommerceYes: • Shopify
• WooCommerce
• BigCommerce
• Etsy
• Ecwid
Customer supportYesYes
ReviewsX/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.7
• Trustpilot: 4.7
• Cappterra: 4.7
X/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.1
• Trustpilot: 2.3
• Cappterra: 4.4

​1. Pricing

Hootsuite pricing:

Hootsuite has 4 pricing plans, along with a free trial:

- Professional: at $99 a month, 1 user will be able to access and manage up to 10 social media accounts. This is Hootsuite’s most affordable pricing plan that gives you unlimited posts. However, no asset library is included.

- Team: as the name applies, the next pricing tier is suitable for collaboration purposes and will set you back $249 per month. At this pricing tier, you will be able to add 3 users to the network and manage 20 social media accounts. You will get all the bells and whistles of the previous tier plus collaboration-focused features. Still, to be able to access the asset and content library, you will need to upgrade to the next tier.

- Business: for $739 monthly, 5 different users can access a maximum of 35 social media accounts. This pricing tier also gets you premium access to Hootsuite’s customer support as well as the asset and content library to create awe-inspiring posts. It also comes with additional perks related to tagging, automation, replies, reporting, and more.

- Enterprise: this is Hootsuite’s end-all-be-all pricing plan for those that can afford it. It’s meant for larger enterprises with specific needs, so the price is determined on a case-per-case basis. 5 different users can access 50 social media accounts, and it comes with extra bonuses not included in other pricing plans (examples include an autoresponder, social media notifications, social ads management, advanced analytics, customizer training, and more).

Ocoya pricing:

Similarly to what Hootsuite brings to the table, Ocoya has 4 levels of pricing tiers:

- Bronze: for a mere $15 per month, users gain the remarkable ability to efficiently manage up to five social media profiles. This subscription also entitles them to bestow access upon a designated member, allowing for seamless collaboration. Furthermore, users can experiment and refine their strategies within a single workspace, streamlining their workflow. As an added bonus, subscribers receive a generous allocation of 100 AI credits, which can be harnessed to tap into the immense potential of Ocoya's AI-powered content generation powerhouse and cutting-edge image generator. This affordable package empowers users to unlock unprecedented levels of creativity and productivity in their digital endeavors.

- Silver: for a monthly fee of $39, subscribers gain access to a comprehensive social media management package. This includes the ability to connect up to 20 profiles, collaborate with 5 team members, utilize 5 workspaces, and receive 500 AI credits. The package also features a powerful AI-backed copywriting module capable of generating persuasive and natural copy in over 28 languages.

- Gold: At a competitive price of $79 per month, users can unlock an enhanced level of social media management capabilities. This upgraded subscription enables the management of 50 social profiles, facilitates collaboration among 20 team members, and provides access to 20 workspaces for optimal organization. Additionally, subscribers receive an impressive allocation of 1500 AI credits, further empowering them to leverage advanced AI technologies.

- Diamond: Ocoya unveils a comprehensive selection of resources, available at a monthly price of $159, affording users an expansive array of possibilities. This encompasses the remarkable capacity to establish connections with up to 150 social profiles, extend access privileges to a maximum of 50 team members, and relish the unrestricted utilization of workspaces. A remarkable inclusion is the provision of unlimited AI credits, empowering users to effortlessly engender a wide spectrum of captivating content. Moreover, Ocoya enriches the user experience by bestowing advanced analytics, the provisioning of branded reports, and seamless REST API integration, thereby facilitating impeccable customization and seamless integration with proprietarily developed software solutions.

2. Platforms supported

Hootsuite supports:

- Facebook







Ocoya supports:







In this section, it’s very much a tie.

3. Features

As you’d come to expect from one of the market-leading SMM tools, Hootsuite is as feature-packed as it gets. From collaboration features and all the way to AI-powered content generation, scheduling, and even ads management, it’s all there for you to utilize and grow your social media channels to their maximum potential.

- Hashtags: with the click of a button, Hootsuite will analyze your post and help you come up with the most fitting and top-performing hashtags for it.

- Ideal post time suggestions: since different audiences may respond at different times, Hootsuite utilizes a data-based approach to suggest the ideal times you should be posting.

- Spellchecking: by integrating Grammarly, you can count on your posts to be error-free before they go live.

- Scheduling: Hootsuite allows you to schedule hundreds of posts in advance, so you can focus on other aspects of your work without having to worry about social media all the time.

- Canva templates: these come in handy for you to create the perfect social media captions that captivate your audience and stand out from the rest.

- Social listening and brand monitoring: have you ever wondered what people are saying about your brand on social media? With the help of Hootsuite’s social listening and brand monitoring features, you no longer need to rest to guesswork.

- Analytics: let analytics tell you what’s working in which posts are getting the best audience engagement.

- Social advertising: alongside organic content, Hootsuite also allows you to create and manage advertising campaigns.

- All your social media profiles in one place: as opposed to having to log in to each of your social media channels individually, Hootsuite allows you to do it all from one place and even reply to all of them at once.

Ocoya presents a comprehensive repertoire of features, positioning itself as the paramount solution for social media endeavors. Serving as an all-encompassing toolset for social media management, collaboration, content generation, and scheduling, Ocoya seamlessly integrates all the essential components necessary for a thriving online presence. Now, let us embark on an in-depth analysis and exploration of these exceptional features.

- Image/GIF designer: harness the power of Ocoya's editor to meticulously craft captivating images and animations with unparalleled ease and precision.

- Video generator: elevate the quality of your social media posts by seamlessly incorporating dynamic videos directly within the platform, eliminating the necessity for external tools or reliance on third-party applications.

- Music library: enhance the quality of your videos by seamlessly integrating music, selecting from a vast collection of licensed tracks within Ocoya's extensive library.

- eCommerce: with utmost ease and efficiency, swiftly import the products from your eCommerce store within a matter of minutes. This functionality enables you to seamlessly exhibit them on social media platforms, accompanied by visually captivating graphics and exceptional-quality, compelling copy.

- Hashtags: leverage the most up-to-date data on trending topics to automatically generate pertinent hashtags for your social media posts. This invaluable feature guarantees optimum visibility and engagement, enhancing the effectiveness of your content strategy.

- Captions: imbue your images with a distinctive and personalized touch by seamlessly integrating captions that resonate profoundly with your discerning audience.

- Scheduling: With remarkable efficiency, adeptly strategize and schedule an unlimited number of posts in advance, leveraging Ocoya's sophisticated capabilities. This enables the platform to automatically publish the scheduled posts at the opportune moments, ensuring maximum impact and expansive reach.

- Analytics: elevate the efficacy of your campaigns by acquiring invaluable insights through comprehensive analytics, empowering you to fine-tune your strategies with meticulous precision.

- All your social media profiles in one place: effortlessly oversee and access all of your social media profiles through the centralized dashboard offered by Ocoya. This streamlined and highly efficient workflow empowers you with a seamless experience in managing your various social media accounts.

- Ad campaigns: Ocoya provides a platform for effective budget allocation in your Facebook and TikTok advertising campaigns, empowering you to optimize your ad spend with meticulous precision.

- Link shortener: it is with great pride that we introduce Jubb.ly, our exclusive link shortener meticulously designed to facilitate comprehensive click tracking. This advanced tool empowers you to meticulously monitor and analyze the clicks acquired by your links, thereby obtaining invaluable data pertaining to audience engagement.

- Background remover: Ocoya unveils an impressive feature that elevates the level of professionalism for eCommerce products: the ability to effortlessly remove backgrounds with a single click. This intuitive tool simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless and polished appearance for product images. With Ocoya's innovative solution, online retailers can present their products with precision and finesse, captivating their customers and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

To gain insight into Ocoya's forthcoming developments, you can refer to the platform's public roadmap, meticulously crafted in alignment with invaluable feedback from the community. Serving as the optimal resource to discern the direction of ongoing advancements, it provides a clear depiction of the platform's future trajectory.

4. AI content generator

No matter which social media networks you’re planning to be posting on, Hootsuite’s Owly Writer AI will generate intriguing captions to captivate your followers – feel free to pick the ones you like and discard the rest (either that, or have them rewritten with a single click). Not only will this save you time, but help you beat writer’s block just as well. If your social media strategy involves hashtags, it will automatically generate them for you as well.

Just like the remarkable Owly Writer AI, Ocoya's AI copywriter possesses an extraordinary level of prowess that equips you with the ability to effortlessly create persuasive and engaging copy with a single click. With support for 28 languages, this groundbreaking tool seamlessly generates captivating content, whether it's compelling product descriptions, enticing ad copy, captivating blog titles, or even complete social media posts. In a matter of seconds, you'll have a treasure trove of compelling variations at your fingertips, granting you boundless opportunities to captivate and enthrall your audience.

5. Collaboration

Hootsuite allows you to collaborate with your team without compromising the security of your social media accounts, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of the other social media networks the tool supports. In essence, the admin assigns a fitting role to each member with different access tiers (either basic or advanced). The roles can be updated on the go. In addition, Hootsuite also comes with approval functionality, allowing higher-ranking members to review and approve the work of their peers before it goes live.

With Ocoya, collaboration becomes a breeze as you effortlessly create dynamic workspaces that foster seamless teamwork, consolidating all project-related files in one organized hub. Embrace the flexibility of multiple workspaces and effortlessly switch between them as your needs evolve, while personalizing each workspace with custom themes and vibrant color combinations. Onboarding new team members is a breeze as well—simply send email invites through Ocoya and assign specific roles such as admin, manager, or viewer to maintain precise control over access to the platform's vast array of features and functionalities.

6. eCommerce

As expected from an SMM giant, Hootsuite supports all the major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, with the exception of Etsy. With its OwlyWriterAI, you can come up with enticing social media captions at the snap of a finger. This way, you can let the tool do all the thinking for you and assume the role of an editor.

Now prepare to be amazed as Ocoya seamlessly establishes a connection with your online store, quietly importing all your products in the background. Whether you're a proud user of Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, or Ecwid, rest assured that Ocoya supports all major eCommerce platforms. With this remarkable integration, you can effortlessly craft clever social media posts to promote your products, all without leaving the Ocoya platform. Embrace the power of Ocoya's AI content generation module, which takes the burden of thinking off your shoulders, freeing your creativity to soar.

But wait, there's more! Ocoya's eCommerce module goes the extra mile by offering a one-click background removal feature for your product images. As the cherry on top, the platform ingeniously fetches the most relevant hashtags for each social media network, saving you invaluable time that can be redirected towards nurturing the growth of your thriving business.

7. Customer support

Hootsuite has a standard contact form you can use to ask a question whenever needed. In addition, whenever you get stuck, you can get help through their official Twitter and Facebook social media channels (in multiple languages to boot).

Now venture where the grass is greener when you embark on an exciting journey of knowledge as you immerse yourself in the wealth of wisdom waiting to be discovered within Ocoya University. This expansive library is brimming with comprehensive answers to address your most pressing inquiries. Delve into the engaging FAQ section and unlock a treasure trove of insightful articles that shed light on various aspects of the platform.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Experience the thrill of witnessing firsthand demonstrations of Ocoya's myriad features through captivating videos on our dynamic YouTube channel. And for a truly immersive experience, join the vibrant Ocoya Facebook group, where you can connect with a community of enthusiastic users, fostering an environment of mutual support and collaborative growth.

8. Reviews

G2: No one can argue that Ocoya’s 4.7 out of 5 star rating is rather impressive, blowing Hootsuite’s 4.1 right out of the gate.

Trustpilot: Yet again, maintaining a 4.7 out of 5 stars average is no small feat, and it’s certainly way better than the comparatively minuscule 2.3 stars rating that Hootsuite has on the review platform.

Capterra: Ocoya’s now almost traditional 4.7 star average repeats itself yet again, beating out Hootsuite’s 4.4.

9. The verdict

As you can see from our in-depth analysis, Ocoya managed to outperform Hootsuite in numerous areas. Keep in mind that Hootsuite is one of the oldest players in the SMM game, so it’s certainly an achievement to be proud of.

First off, we have the pricing. Just take a look at what even the most affordable pricing plan at Ocoya gets you and compare it to that of Hootsuite – it’s not even up for the debate who wins in the value department! While Hootsuite locks many users completely out of the game with its aggressive pricing structure, Ocoya lets even the smaller business owners claim their slice of the SMM pie.

In all other departments, it’s either a tie or very close. However, there is another area in which Ocoya clearly outshines its competitor, and it’s people’s feedback on review portals. On G2, Trustpilot, and Capterra alike, Ocoya maintains much higher overall user ratings. It seems that people have spoken!

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