Ocoya vs. Sprout Social: A Battle of the SMM Giants

Simon Orgulan
12 min
January 12, 2024

Thanks to social media automation, management, and AI-powered content generation tools, social media marketing has become a whole other playing field. No more waking up at a predetermined time just to get that post in, and certainly no more staring at a blank page, not knowing what to write to begin with. While you could technically still do it the old way, so could you ride a carriage to work instead of driving. Since most sane individuals clearly prefer the latter, the matter does not require any further discussion.

There is, however, one question that still remains unanswered: what brand of social media scheduling solution should become your shiny new social media marketing engine?

In the left corner, we have our very own Ocoya, a knight in shining armor that powers over 25,000 businesses worldwide. Affordable, but no less feature-packed – that is what places it head and shoulders over its competition, not to mention its incredible support for eCommerce and a slew of third-party integration options, allowing you to hook it to virtually anything other than one of the Earth’s satellites.

In the right corner, Sprout Social, its adversary awaits. Having been around 2010, the social media management and scheduling tool has firmly established its presence as one of the giants in the SMM space. Its pricing will make your head spin, but is the bang worth the buck? That, and many of its other aspects, is what we’re going to explore in today’s back-to-back comparison, placing it in the ring against Ocoya.

Ocoya vs. Sprout Social at a glance

Categories Ocoya Sprout Social
Monthly pricing$15/$39/$79/$159 $249/$399/$499/Enterprise
Platforms supported • Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• TikTok
• TikTok
• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• LinkedIn
• WhatsApp
• Instagram
Features • Image/GIF designer
• Video generator
• Music library
• eCommerce
• Hashtags
• Captions
• Scheduling
• Analytics
• All your social media profiles in one place
• Ad campaigns
• Link shortener
• Background remover
• Image editing
• Asset library
• One-stop inbox monitor for all social media channels
• Brand monitoring
• Reply to comments from one place
• Reviews and reputation monitor
• Message tasking
• Engagement analytics
• Team productivity reporting
• Chatbots
• Social CRM
• Scheduling
• Publish time optimizer
• Team member publishing authorization levels
• Custom URL tracking
• Bulk scheduling (upload .csv)
• Reporting and analytics
• Social listening
Integrations • Shopify
• WooCommerce
• Canva
• Google Business
• TikTok
• YouTube
• Etsy
• BigCommerce
• Ecwid
• Zapier
• Airtable
• Make
• Adobe Express
• Unsplash
• Giphy
• Pexels
• Pixabay
• Dropbox
• Slack
• Google Business messages
• Apple App Store
• Bitly
• Canva
• Dropbox
• Facebook Shops
• Feedly
• Glassdoor
• Google Analytics
• Google Drive
• Google My Business
• Google Play Store
• Hubspot
• Marketo
• Microsoft Dynamics 365
• Reddit
• Salesforce
• Shopify
• Slack
• Tableau
• TripAdvisor
• Tumblr
• Web
• WooCommerce
• Yelp
• ZenDesk
AI content generatorYesYes
CollaborationYes (plus theme customization and role assignment)Yes
• Shopify
• WooCommerce
• BigCommerce
• Etsy
• Ecwid
• Shopify
• WooCommerce
• Facebook Shops
Customer supportYesYes
ReviewsX/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.7
• Trustpilot: 4.7
• Cappterra: 4.7
X/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.4
• Trustpilot: 2.0
• Cappterra: 4.4

1. Price

Sprout Social pricing:

Sprout Social has 4 pricing levels, all of which are monthly subscriptions:

- Standard: this is Sprout Social’s most basic level and it costs a whopping $249 on a monthly basis, with each additional user you want to add coming at an additional $199. This allows you to manage up to 5 social media profiles and schedule posts, either through the browser or a dedicated app. You can also monitor profiles and keywords.

- Professional: in addition to everything mentioned above, for $399, this gives you access to unlimited social media profiles, in-depth analysis and reporting, message tagging, workflow customization, plus additional CRM, helpdesk, and social commerce integrations.

- Advanced: at $499 per month, you get everything mentioned plus monitoring for increased message activity, a digital asset and content library, chatbots, link tracking, external approvals, and more.

- Enterprise: this is a customized plan for larger organizations that comes with priority customer support and tailored consulting, premium analytics, social listening, and employee advocacy solutions.

Ocoya pricing:

Just like Sprout Social, Ocoya lets you choose between 4 levels of subscription:

- Bronze: $15 per month will grant you the ability to manage 5 social media profiles, grant access to 1 designated member, play around with a single workspace, and get 100 AI credits you can use on Ocoya’s AI-powered content generation powerhouse and image generator.

- Silver: for a monthly fee of $39, you will be able to connect up to 20 social media profiles, let 5 team members work on them, and play around with 5 workspaces. Additionally, you will receive 500 AI credits along with a powerful AI-backed copywriting module capable of generating persuasive and natural copy in 28+ languages.

- Gold: at a price point of $79 per month, the capacity bumps up to letting you manage 50 social profiles, 20 team members, 20 workspaces, and you get 1500 AI credits on top of that.

- Diamond: at a monthly price of $159, Ocoya presents an expansive array of resources at your disposal. This encompasses the ability to establish connections with up to 150 social profiles, grant access to a maximum of 50 team members, and enjoy unlimited workspaces. Notably, the inclusion of unlimited AI credits enables you to effortlessly create a diverse range of content. Moreover, Ocoya enhances your experience by offering advanced analytics, branded reports, and REST API integration, facilitating seamless customization and integration with your proprietary software.

2. Platforms supported

Sprout Social supports:

- TikTok

- Facebook

- Pinterest

- Twitter

- YouTube

- LinkedIn

- WhatsApp

- Instagram

Ocoya supports:

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Instagram

- Pinterest

- TikTok

- Facebook

It’s all there, so what else needs to be said?

3. Features

Depending on your subscription level, Sprout Social gives you access to various features (check the pricing section of our comparison for a better overview of what different pricing tiers get you access to),

- Image editing: with an integrated Adobe Creative SDK, you can apply filters to images, and custom text, and more to make your posts visually appealing.

- Asset library: enrich your posts with multimedia elements to make them stand out more.

- One-stop inbox monitor for all social media channels: this effectively does away with having to login to every social media account separately just to check your messages.

- Brand monitoring: how many times has your brand been mentioned on social media? Now you can find out!

- Reply to comments from one place: self-explanatory.

- Reviews and reputation monitor: what are people saying about your brand on customer review portals like Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, and similar?

- Message tasking: as the platform describes it, every one of your messages can become an actionable task.

- Engagement analytics: the goal of a well-tuned social media marketing campaign should be to get good follower engagement, and that’s one way to measure it.

- Team productivity reporting: see how well your team is doing, both on an individual level and as a whole.

- Chatbots: set up your own chatbot for a fully automated experience. That way, you can sent out replies to direct messages without lifting a finger.

- Social CRM: how far have you progressed down the sales funnel with each and every prospective customer? Get a 360 degree view, along with custom notes, contact info, and conversation history.

- Scheduling: schedule your posts in advance.

- Publish time optimizer: optimize your posts to go out at an ideal time.

- Team member publishing authorization levels: assign different roles to your collaborators.

- Custom URL tracking: track how well your links are doing.

- Bulk scheduling (upload .csv): if you’ve prepared a massive list of posts to schedule in advance, upload them in .csv format and let Sprout Social do the rest.

- Reporting and analytics: Sprout Social can generate reports of various kinds.

- Social listening: quickly learn how often your brand is mentioned not only across social media, but also across forums, blogs, and more.

Ocoya offers an extensive range of features, positioning itself as the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for social media. It serves as a comprehensive solution for social media management, collaboration, content generation, and scheduling, encompassing all the essential tools you require. Now, let's proceed to dissect and explore these remarkable features individually.

- Image/GIF designer: leverage Ocoya's editor to create captivating images and animations with utmost ease and precision.

- Video generator: elevate your social media posts with dynamic videos directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external tools or third-party applications.

- Music library: enhance your videos by seamlessly incorporating music, selecting from an extensive collection of licensed tracks within Ocoya's expansive library.

- eCommerce: effortlessly import your eCommerce store's products within a matter of minutes, enabling you to showcase them on social media platforms with visually captivating graphics and compelling copy of exceptional quality.

- Hashtags: utilize the latest data on trending topics to automatically generate relevant hashtags for your social media posts, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement.

- Captions: infuse your images with a personalized touch by seamlessly incorporating captions that resonate with your audience.

- Scheduling: efficiently plan and schedule an unlimited number of posts in advance, allowing Ocoya to automatically publish them at the optimal times for maximum impact and reach.

- Analytics: enhance the performance of your campaigns by gaining valuable insights through comprehensive analytics, enabling you to optimize your strategies with precision.

- All your social media profiles in one place: effortlessly manage and access all your social media profiles through Ocoya's centralized dashboard, providing you with a seamless and efficient workflow.

- Ad campaigns: Ocoya facilitates effective budgeting for your Facebook and TikTok advertising campaigns, empowering you to optimize your ad spend with precision.

- Link shortener: we proudly present Jubb.ly, our proprietary link shortener, specifically engineered to enable comprehensive click tracking. With this advanced tool, you can precisely monitor and analyze the clicks garnered by your links, obtaining valuable data on audience engagement.

- Background remover: achieve a heightened level of professionalism for your eCommerce products by effortlessly removing backgrounds with a single click, courtesy of Ocoya's intuitive feature.

To get a glimpse of what lies ahead, Ocoya’s public roadmap is based on community feedback and it’s the best place to see where development is headed.

4. AI content generator

Sprout Social comes with AI capabilities and it’s based on OpenAI’s GPT model. It greatly enhances the product offerings, allowing its users to automatically determine the optimal posting times, filter the content based on parameters, set up a chatbot that automatically replies to direct messages, and more. If you don’t know how to reply to a message, it displays suggested replies for incoming Twitter messages that are powered by its machine learning algorithm. However, although Sprout Social utilizes AI to some extent, it doesn’t appear to allow you to generate social media content you can schedule to go out from the platform directly, at least not at the time of writing.

The immense power of Ocoya's AI copywriter is unrivaled, making you armed and ready to craft persuasive and engaging copy with a single click. Supporting 28 languages, this innovative tool effortlessly generates captivating content, be it product descriptions, ad copy, blog titles, or complete social media posts. In a matter of seconds, you'll have a multitude of compelling variations at your disposal, empowering you with limitless possibilities to captivate your audience.

5. Collaboration

Sprout Social comes with several collaboration features. You can, for example, see when a team member is replying to a message, view report on who replied to what messages, assign tasks from within the platform as well as filter them. The platform also comes with advanced features such as allowing you to measure your team’s productivity, displaying a calendar that displays each member’s role and responsibilities, and it even lets different members collaborate on drafts.

With Ocoya, you can effortlessly create collaborative workspaces that enable seamless teamwork, ensuring all project-related files are neatly organized in a single location. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple workspaces and easily switch between them as needed, while customizing each workspace to your preferences with personalized themes and color combinations. Adding new users is a breeze—simply send email invites through Ocoya and assign appropriate roles such as admin, manager, or viewer to maintain precise access control over the platform's features and functionalities.

6. eCommerce

Even though Sprout Social supports popular eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, Facebook Shops, and WooCommerce, the list is by no means as extensive as Ocoya’s. It does, however, come with full support for social commerce, meaning you can seamlessly post your product offerings to your social media channels. Combine this with additional CRM features, it becomes easy to see exactly where each and every user stands in regard to the buying process.

Ocoya seamlessly connects with your online store, silently importing all your products in the background. Whether you're on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, or Ecwid, Ocoya supports all major eCommerce platforms. With this integration, you can effortlessly craft witty social media posts to promote your products, all within the Ocoya platform. Take advantage of its AI content generation module, which can do the thinking for you, unleashing your creativity. And that's not all! Ocoya's eCommerce module goes the extra mile by offering a one-click background removal feature for your product images. To top it off, the platform intelligently fetches the most relevant hashtags for each social media network, saving you precious time that can be better spent on growing your business.

7. Customer support

Sprout Social does offer customer support that’s operational 24 hours a day, however, it does not respond over the weekend. You can initiate a live chat, reach out via the official Twitter channel, phone them up, or open a ticket. Alternatively, there’s also Sprout Social’s YouTube channel where you can learn various tips and tricks on how to use the tool to its full potential.

Explore the wealth of knowledge within Ocoya University, an expansive library that provides comprehensive answers to your most pressing inquiries. Delve into the FAQ section and discover a collection of insightful articles. Additionally, Ocoya offers an engaging YouTube channel, where you can witness firsthand demonstrations of various platform features. Lastly, join the vibrant Ocoya Facebook group to connect with fellow users, fostering a supportive community where mutual assistance thrives.

8. Reviews

G2: Ocoya maintains an impressive 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Compared to Sprout Social’s 4.4, that’s a victory!

Trustpilot: Once again, Ocoya blew out of the park with a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating, decisively overshadowing Sprout Social’s measly 2.0 stars.

Capterra: As if it was a trend of some sort, Ocoya’s 4.7 star average still shines. Sprout Social’s 4.4 is not too shabby, but it does pale in comparison.

9. The verdict

Everything considered, these are great social media scheduling tools indeed, albeit they do come with their fair share of differences. And in certain categories, Ocoya has its contender beat, no questions about it.

For starters, there is the pricing. Unless you’ve got a boatload of money you can afford to spend on on SMM tools, you’re going to go with Ocoya. End of story.

Feature-wise, Sprout Social is as extensive as it gets. The question is, do you really need the kind of features that it offers, or would you rather have something that’s laser-focused on what it does best and excels at it in every possible way? That’s on you to decide.

When it comes to integrations, it’s very much a tie. One thing you’ll notice is that the tools integrate different third-party services, although there is also a decent degree of overlap.

You’ll notice that Ocoya’s AI content generator is much better developed and lets you generate content to send out at your heart’s desire, allowing you to compose powerful sales copy and engaging content even if you don’t speak a word of English or any of the other 28+ languages it supports.

Both tools support collaboration, so it’s very much a tie in this category.

Moving on to eCommerce, Ocoya has Sprout Social beat, hands down. Although both support key eCommerce platforms, Ocoya goes far beyond that by also adding Ecwid, Bigcommerce, Etsy, and similar, thus extending the repertoire to cover all that you could possibly need.

Customer support is a matter of debate. One thing we can say for sure is that Ocoya’s library is far superior and so is the community that helps each other out in time of need.

Finally, Ocoya is much better rated on high-authority customer review portals like G2, Trustpilot, and Capterra. Looks like the people have spoken!

In summary, bringing all of these points together, you will find that Ocoya is a much better deal. Not only does it price itself within reach of most people’s marketing budget, but you also get incredibly lot in terms of features. Given how it outperforms Sprout Social in multiple areas despite the fact it doesn’t cost nearly as much money, the verdict pretty much writes itself.

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