A comprehensive social media API

Streamline your social media management with our comprehensive API. Connect and manage multiple social media platforms with ease.

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28+ languages

26+ Languages

In a few seconds the copywriter will write memorable copy that will increase your conversions. In 26 languages!

50+ types

50+ Types

Want to write an ad? Post a caption? Sorted in seconds. How about emails or even YouTube video ideas? You're covered.

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Write ads specifically for each platform - Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok or Snapchat.

Create and publish posts

A seamless and efficient way to create and publish posts on all your social media platforms. Integrate post creation and publishing functionality into your applications or websites. Ocoya's API streamlines your processes, making it easier to create and share content with their audiences.

create and publish

Some examples

"Ocoya is an all-in-one content marketing platform for content creation, scheduling and analytics"

Google Ads

All-in-one content marketing management

Quickly monitor, reply, share, schedule, and post across all your social apps and profiles.


A tool that lets you create & share content


Reduces the time you spend on social media

Allows you get traffic from multiple social platforms

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You're looking for content ideas and ways to engage your audience.

Want to save time?

Introducing Ocoya - a powerful all in one tool for content marketing.


I've tried every single content marketing platform out there and none of them can compare to Ocoya. This all-in-one platform lets you create, schedule, and analyse your social media posts from one place.


Get the perfect look for your brand, all in one content marketing platform.

Blog Ideas

3 Tips for Creating Irresistible Headlines: A blog about creating irresistible headlines.

Site Headline

Reach Millions of People with one Content Marketing Platform.

Tweet Ideas

Ask people to share the most under-appreciated social media channel they use.

YouTube Ideas

How To Get Your First 500+ Fans and Followers for your Instagram Account: do a live interview with an expert on how a brand can get more followers on Instagram.

Facebook Ads

Ocoya is a powerful, feature-rich content marketing tool for content creators. Why spend hours making graphics when you can spend seconds?


Ocoya is the first platform to offer complete content marketing management in one place. You can manage your entire marketing presence on one single, easy to use platform.


It is a content marketing platform that automates content creation, scheduling and analytics across multiple social networks.