Ocoya vs. Sendible: Scaling Your Business on Social Media

Simon Orgulan
8 min
April 3, 2024

There’s no shortage of hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios involving technology and AI, but right now, those two are still working in humanity’s favor and good graces. Among all the things that are now possible to achieve thanks to these forces being around, taking the strain out of our daily grind and trivial tasks certainly comes to the forefront. But it’s not only that; AI and post schedulers can also lend you a hand with all tasks that are creative in nature.

Even before AI existed, social media management tools started surfacing, with Sendible being one of them. In fact, the tool was born in 2008 in the form of a simple Windows application so the author could automate the tedious task of sending emails to his father’s employees on their birthday. It didn’t take long until the tool outgrew its initial prototype concept and became a fully-fledged SMM tool that we know today.

Alas, it is far from being the only one that operates in this space. In fact, there are countless others that are fighting for their slice of the SMM pie. Of course, we cannot possibly even begin covering them all, but we can certainly pit it up against our very own Ocoya and see how it stacks up.

Ocoya vs. Sendible at a glance

Categories Ocoya Sendible
Monthly pricing$15/$39/$79/$159 €24/€75/€220/€675
Platforms supported • Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• TikTok
• TikTok
• Instagram
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Google Business
• Youtube
• Pinterest
Features • Image/GIF designer
• Video generator
• Music library
• eCommerce
• Hashtags
• Captions
• Scheduling
• Analytics
• All your social media profiles in one place
• Ad campaigns
• Link shortener
• Background remover
• Scheduling (individually, queued, in bulk)
• Post preview
• Analytics
• Brand monitoring
• Image editor
• RSS-based content suggestions
• Bulk .csv imports
• Automated reports
Integrations • Shopify
• WooCommerce
• Canva
• Google Business
• TikTok
• YouTube
• Etsy
• BigCommerce
• Ecwid
• Zapier
• Airtable
• Make
• Adobe Express
• Unsplash
• Giphy
• Pexels
• Pixabay
• Dropbox
• Slack
• WordPress
• RSS feed importer
• Canva
• Giphy
• Pexels
• Google Analytics
• Dropbox
• Google Drive
AI content generatorYesYes
CollaborationYes (plus theme customization and role assignment)Yes
• Shopify
• WooCommerce
• BigCommerce
• Etsy
• Ecwid
Customer supportYesYes
ReviewsX/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.7
• Trustpilot: 4.7
• Cappterra: 4.7
X/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.5
• Trustpilot: 3.6
• Cappterra: 4.6

​1. Pricing

Sendible pricing:

Just like Ocoya, Sendible currently offers 4 different pricing tiers.

- Creator. For €24 billed on a monthly basis, 1 user can connect up to 6 social media profiles and enjoy unlimited scheduling, planning, content ideas, monitoring, and automated replying. Cloud integrations are not included in this pricing tier; however, you can post to all the mainstream social media networks. For some reason, though, certain integrations like Google Drive and Dropbox are missing from this pricing tier. Also, collaborations features seem to be a bit bare-bones, with the full spectrum of functionality tightly locked away behind the more expensive pricing tiers.

- Traction. For those who are willing to bump up their monthly subscription fee to €75 a month, this lets you connect up to 4 users and 24 social media profiles, thus making this a suitable pricing tier for startups, agencies, and brands. That’s on top all the basic features you get with the first pricing tier, of course. However, Google Drive and Dropbox integrations are not included. The focal point of this pricing tier is team collaboration features; you get access to a client dashboard and assign posts for approval.

- Limited time offer. This is where things really kick off, albeit at quite an increased cost. For €220 a month, you get to connect 60 profiles and up to 10 users. This is the first pricing tier that lets you unlock cloud integrations, so Google Drive and Dropbox are finally there for you to tinker with. This pricing tier lets you unlock additional goodies like adding assets to content libraries, adding Bitly branded links, custom tags and fields, as well as UTM parameters. It’s also where collaboration features truly kick in without restraints, allowing you to manage different clients from a dashboard, assign posts for approval, create custom workflows and permission groups. Furthermore, this pricing tier comes with white labeling features. This pricing tier also fully unlocks Sendible’s reporting features, letting you save and share reports in a PDF format, automatically mail them out, and do live report sharing. Last but not least, it’s the first pricing tier that lets you enjoy access to your very own dedicated customer success manager.

- White label+. The final pricing tier is quite a massive bump to €675 per month, but is the juice worth the squeeze? This lets you connect up to 300 profiles and 100 users. Naturally, you get all the perks that you’d get with the lower pricing tiers. Your daily sending limit is increased to unlimited, but other than that, it’s all almost identical to the previous pricing tier. To give credit where credit is due, it does seem to be a limited time offer, so we can’t say for sure how long it’s going to last.

Ocoya pricing:

Ocoya, easily rivals its flexibility by letting you choose between 4 pricing tiers:

- Bronze: Ready to level up your online presence? Picture this: for just $15 a month, you'll open the door to a world of endless opportunities! Jump on this amazing deal and easily manage up to 5 social media profiles. And guess what? You can even share a VIP pass with a trusted associate, dive into the boundless potential of a single workspace, and leverage Ocoya's AI content creation and image generation with 100 AI credits. Join the revolution today and let's make SMM waves together!

- Silver: Get set to unleash your social media game for just $39 a month! Imagine this: you'll command an army of 20 social media profiles, recruit a dream team of 5 experts to supercharge your strategy, and dive into a world of endless creativity with 5 fully customizable workspaces. But wait, there's more! You'll also snag a generous 500 AI credits and tap into a powerful AI-driven copywriting tool that effortlessly crafts compelling content in over 28 languages. It's time to level up your social media game like never before!

- Gold: Get set to elevate your digital presence for just $79 per month! Brace yourself for this jaw-dropping offer: gain control over a whopping 50 social profiles, rally a powerhouse team of 20 members to boost your SMM game, and craft 20 dynamic workspaces to fuel your creativity. But hold onto your seat, because there's more! You'll also score an incredible bonus of 1500 AI credits to supercharge your online adventures. Ready to soar to new heights?

- Diamond: Imagine this: for just $159 a month, Ocoya hands you the keys to unleash your digital dominance! Picture yourself conquering 150 social profiles, leading a team of 50 allies, and effortlessly switching between unlimited workspaces. With boundless AI credits, content creation is a breeze. But wait, there's more! Ocoya sweetens the deal with advanced analytics, branded reports, and seamless REST API integration for ultimate customization and software synergy. It's not just a platform; it's your ticket to unstoppable SMM success!

2. Platforms supported

Sendible supports:

- TikTok

- Instagram

- Facebook

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Google Business

- YouTube

- Pinterest

Ocoya supports:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Pinterest

- LinkedIn

- Instagram

- TikTok

As you can see, both cover the majority of what truly matters, but there are slight differences.

3. Features

Sendible doesn’t have as many features as Ocoya, but what it does cover, is executed fairly decently. Much like Ocoya, its philosophy revolves around freeing up your time by letting you schedule posts in advance and do all your SMM-related tasks from a single dashboard. The higher pricing tiers also come with some collaboration features. So without any further ado, let’s dive into its individual features.

- Scheduling (individually, queued, in bulk). The idea is simple; spend a day or two on content preparation and schedule it out to be posted throughout the month. You can do individual posts or even upload a whole batch in bulk.

- Post preview. Instead of being confined to the editor, this feature lets you fully visualize how the post is going to look when posted. This allows you to make subtle tweaks and optimize your content before it goes live.

- Analytics. Have you ever found yourself wandering in the dark, not knowing which exact posts have contributed to your success and which ones were duds? Thanks to Sendible’s integrated analytics, all the guesswork is effectively taken out of equation. Among other things, this lets you determine the ideal timing of when your audience tends to be the most responsive.

- Brand monitoring. When people talk about your brand on social media, you should be the firs to know. Sendible gives you that option by alerting you when that happens. It also lets you respond directly.

- Image editor. Without images and other multimedia elements, social media posts can look dull. But there’s no reason for you to leave them in such a state if adding an image from a multimedia library only takes a click, and Sendible assists you in this regard.

- RSS-based content suggestions. Never again will you have to stare at a blank page, not knowing what to post. Sendible lets analyze RSS feeds that are popular in your niche, delivering idea after idea for you to digest.

- Bulk .csv imports. If you prefer to prepare content to schedule in your local editor or perhaps using another software, you will be able to do a bulk upload as long as you can expert it to a .csv format.

- Automated reports. This feature is limited to the tool’s higher pricing tiers, but essential, what it does is quite helpful if you’re running multiple social media channels or working with several different clients as an agency. Sendible will not only automatically generate them, but also automatically mail them out for you.

Ocoya sweeps in as the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for your SMM needs – a versatile powerhouse packed with a treasure trove of features. It's not just a tool; it's a complete social media management solution, packed with collaboration, content creation, and scheduling features. But why settle for imagination? Let's dive in and explore each of these incredible features, unlocking their full potential one step at a time!

- Image/GIF designer: Wave goodbye to the headache of bouncing between platforms to craft stunning images and animations. Ocoya's built-in editor puts everything you need right at your fingertips!

- Video generator: Ocoya's multimedia wizardry doesn't stop at images. Elevate your social media game by seamlessly integrating captivating videos directly from the platform, no third-party tools needed!

- Music library: Why settle for bland when you can add some spice to your social media posts with Ocoya? Easily jazz up your videos by adding a licensed track from our vast music library. Let your content groove with personality!

- eCommerce: Unlock the full power of social media to supercharge your eCommerce campaigns! With Ocoya, effortlessly link up with top eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce in mere clicks. Now, promoting your top products is as easy as pie whenever inspiration hits. Embrace seamless integration and endless potential for skyrocketing your online sales!

- Hashtags: Dive into the magic of Ocoya's clever hashtag analytics to ride the trends and discover the perfect hashtags that'll boost your content's reach and engagement. And guess what? It's as simple as clicking a button!

- Captions: Infuse your images with personality! Add custom captions that grab attention and narrate your unique story.

- Scheduling: Seize control of your social media strategy! Schedule your posts in advance to ensure they hit the spotlight when your audience is buzzing with activity. No more worries about missing out while you're busy with meetings or events – Ocoya takes care of everything smoothly for you.

- Analytics: Ever caught yourself wondering which posts truly hit the bullseye and which parts of your strategy sparkle brightest? Bid farewell to the guesswork with Ocoya's advanced analytics right at your fingertips!

- All your social media profiles in one place: Say farewell to the headache of juggling multiple social media profiles! With Ocoya's centralized dashboard, you can effortlessly oversee and handle them all from one convenient spot.

- Ad campaigns: Stumbling through the budgeting maze of Facebook and TikTok ad campaigns can feel like solving a puzzle, but fear not! Ocoya simplifies the process, giving you the power to optimize your ad spend effortlessly.

- Link shortener: Shine bright with Ocoya's charming Jubb.ly link shortener! It's not just about looks – it's a robust click-tracking tool that effortlessly unveils which of your links are stealing the show, making it a breeze to gauge your audience's engagement.

- Background remover: Caught sight of a perfect image, but the background doesn't quite match your vibe? No problem at all! Thanks to Ocoya's smart algorithms, bid farewell to unwanted backgrounds in just a single click.

And here's the cherry on top: Ocoya’s public roadmap brings transparency to the forefront, keeping you in the know about our latest developments. Plus, our community gets to vote on the features they want to see, and our development team makes sure to give them top priority. Pretty slick, right?

4. AI content generator

Technically, Sendible does the job. There’s nothing revolutionary about its AI content generator, as it heavily relies on third-party tools. But then again, given the overall advance state of AI technology, this may be all that you really need.

Get ready to be blown away by the unstoppable power of Ocoya's AI copywriter! With a single click, you'll unlock the ability to create persuasive and captivating copy that stands out from the crowd. This groundbreaking tool supports an impressive 28 languages and effortlessly generates engaging content, whether it's product descriptions, ad copy, blog titles, or full social media posts. In just seconds, you'll have a wealth of compelling options at your disposal, paving the way for endless opportunities to captivate and enthrall your audience.

5. Collaboration

Sendible does have collaboration features; however, most of the useful ones are tightly locked behind two of its most expensive pricing tiers. If you have the funds to fork over in excess of €200 on a monthly basis, perhaps this is something that will fit your needs. For starters, it lets you assign permission to different team members. Through an intuitive settings panel, you can set exactly what types of action each individual team member is allowed to execute. You can even assign a whole conversation to another team. If you’re preparing a social media strategy for a client, you can have them review the content and approve it before it gets the green light to go out.

Ocoya unleashes the magic of collaborative workspaces, turning teamwork into a harmonious symphony. Bid farewell to the chaos of scattered project files; everything finds its place in one beautifully organized hub. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple workspaces that you can seamlessly switch between, each reflecting your unique style with custom themes and colors. Adding new teammates is a breeze – simply send out email invites directly from Ocoya. And with roles like admin, manager, or viewer, you have precise control over who wields the platform's power and accesses its features.

6. eCommerce

At the moment, Sendible appears to be focusing on social media features and integrations, as we found that some much-desired eCommerce functionality has not been implemented. We miss the fact that there is hardly any eCommerce support at all, much in contrast with Ocoya.

Consider Ocoya your backstage ally in eCommerce triumph, effortlessly syncing with your online store. Whether you're rocking Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, or Ecwid, Ocoya's got your back, supporting all the big names in eCommerce. This seamless integration means you can whip up clever and captivating social media posts to flaunt your products, all without leaving the comfort of the Ocoya platform.

In addition, you can tap into Ocoya's AI content generation module to ignite your creativity and streamline your workflow. But wait, there's more! With Ocoya's eCommerce module, effortlessly remove backgrounds from product images with just one click. And to top it off, it automatically fetches the most relevant hashtags for each social media network, freeing up your time to dive into business growth.

7. Customer support

Sendible’s customer support depends on your current subscription tier. With the cheapest two, you get access to email and live chat (however, it’s only reachable during pre-designated hours). You also get access to their video training library. With the most expensive pricing tiers, you also get access to their dedicated customer success manager.

At Ocoya, your journey begins with Ocoya University, your gateway to a wealth of knowledge. Dive into our expansive library, filled with answers to your burning questions and enlightening articles waiting to be discovered. But that's just the beginning – immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Ocoya's YouTube channel for hands-on demonstrations of platform features. And don't miss out on joining Ocoya's Facebook group, where you'll connect with fellow users, fostering a thriving community built on mutual support and collaboration.

8. Reviews

G2: On G2, Ocoya got a stellar 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Sendible is not too far behind with 4.5.

Trustpilot: Here, Ocoya’s 4.7 star rating very much outshines Sendible’s 3.6 star rating.

Capterra: A close match here, but once again, Ocoya managed to come out on top with a 4.7 star average, leaving Sendible ever-so-slightly behind with its 4.6.

9. The verdict

We believe that Ocoya is the clear favorite overall, and we’ll break down our verdict category by category.

Price-wise, Ocoya gives Sendible a run for its money in every single pricing tier. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you can afford to spend more, Ocoya simply give you more for your money every step of the way. In comparison, Sendible’s pricing can get increasingly steep, and you’d have a hard time justifying spending this much on its higher pricing tiers.

In terms of features, it can be quite a subjective matter, as the answers depends on what you’re searching for. Realistically, they both offer a lot, and depending on your unique individual needs, a certain tool may cover more of what you need. But again, we just can’t help but point out that some of Sendible’s best features are locked away and reserved for the highest paying customers, which is a shame.

When it comes to integrations, while Sendible does support some, once again, some of the best are limited to the more expensive pricing tiers exclusively. Ocoya, on the other hand, gives you more than a handful of these, ultimately allowing you to construct the ultimate social media scheduling and management tool of your dreams.

Both tools give you access to AI, so there’s not much to be said there other than the fact that Ocoya generates multiple variations of the same post in a fraction of a second, letting you pick between subtle variations and letting you go with the most fitting one.

Both platforms give you great collaboration features, but once again, you’d have to shell out in excess of €200 to get any juice out of Sendible. We feel that such a price tag is outrageous. If you want a better and more affordable alternative, we recommend that you let Ocoya lend you a helping hand with all your collaboration and team management needs.

Ecommerce is another area where Ocoya is the clear winner. At the present time, Sendible does not appear to be offering any sort of eCommerce integrations or support, much unlike Ocoya that is light years ahead in this department.

All in all, Ocoya is a decisive winner and we hope that now it’s easier to see why that is so. But then again, there’s no need to take our word for it – see what people are saying on popular customer review platforms like G2, Trustpilot and Capterra, where Ocoya has received better ratings. The people have voted and it’s no coincidence that Ocoya came out on top!

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