Ocoya vs Buffer: A Back-to-Back Comparison

Simon Orgulan
May 5, 2023

Social media management apps are simply the best way to manage your social media workflow. In the old days, you had to remember to log in and make a post each day, which can be a habitual ritual for some, and a downright hassle for others. But no one can argue with what modern technology has brought to the table: the capacity to automate that tedious part of the marketing process.

And so the arena has opened its gates for numerous combatants to showcase their muscle on the social scheduling battlefield. You’ve more than likely heard of Buffer, one of the most well known platforms for your social media management needs. It’s been around for quite a while now and its popularity does not seem to be waning. But how does it compare to our very own Ocoya? Could it be that it has started to rest on its laurels, inviting new challengers to step up?

That, we shall find out in today’s Ocoya vs. Buffer back-to-back comparison. To give it some much-needed structure, we’ve picked 9 of the most relevant categories to see how they stack up against one another.

Ocoya vs. Buffer at a glance

Categories Ocoya Buffer
Monthly pricing$15/$39/$79/$159 $0/$6/$12/$120
Platforms supported• Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Pinterest • TikTok• Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Pinterest
Features• Image/GIF designer • Video generator • Music library • eCommerce • Hashtags • Captions • Scheduling • Analytics • All your social media profiles in one place • Ad campaigns • Link shortener • Background remover• Post scheduling • Photo creation • Hashtags • Collaboration • Analytics • Hotkeys • Smart emoji suggestions
Integrations• Shopify • WooCommerce • Canva • Google Business • TikTok • YouTube • Etsy • BigCommerce • Ecwid • Zapier • Airtable • Make • Adobe Express • Unsplash • Giphy • Pexels • Pixabay • Dropbox • Slack • REST API• Canva • Dropbox • OneDrive • Giphy • Unsplash • Bitly • OpenAI • Google Photos • Google Drive • Make • CrowdRiff • Quuu • PicMonkey • Stencil • Pocket • Feedly • Scoop.it • paper.li • Bulkly • Nelio Content • Pixlee • SocialBee • Hiplay • Hey Orca • Cronycle • Evergreen Content Poster • Zapier • IFTTT • Microsoft • RiteKit • Gather Social • Cloud Campaign • Planable • Gain App
AI content generatorYesYes
CollaborationYes (plus theme customization and role assignment)Yes
eCommerceYes: • Shopify • WooCommerce • BigCommerce • Etsy • EcwidNo
Customer supportYesYes
ReviewsX/5 star average on: • G2: 4.7 • Trustpilot: 4.7 • Cappterra: 4.7X/5 star average on: • G2: 4.3 • Trustpilot: 2.8 • Cappterra: 4.5

1. Price

Buffer pricing:

At the time of writing, Buffer offers 4 pricing plans:

- Free: allows you to connect up to 3 channels, and you get access to their landing page builder, AI assistant, and planning & publishing tools.

- Essentials: for $6 monthly, you can also utilize their engagement tools and analytic reports.

- Team: for $12 monthly (per channel), you can get access to extra team functionality designed for streamlining collaboration. You can add unlimited users.

- Agency: for $120 monthly, you get all of the above plus custom access and permissions. You get access to 10 channels.

Ocoya pricing:

Just like Buffer, Ocoya has 4 pricing tiers:

- Bronze: for $15 monthly, you can manage 5 social media profiles, assign access to 1 member, get 1 workspace to work with, and 100 AI credits you can use on its cutting-edge image and content generation assistant.

- Silver: for $39 monthly, you can connect 20 social media profiles, assign access to 5 team members, get 5 workspaces, and get 500 AI credits. You also get access to plugins and a powerful AI-backed copywriting module that can generate convincing and natural copy in 28+ different languages.

- Gold: for $79 monthly, the numbers go up to 50 social profiles, 20 team members, 20 workspaces, and 1500 AI credits.

- Diamond: for $159 monthly, you get an absolute war chest of ammo, being able to connect 150 social profiles, grant access to 50 team members, as well as unlimited workspaces, and, above all else, unlimited AI credits to create whatever you could possibly want on complete auto-pilot. Ocoya also throws in advanced analytics, branded reports, and REST API for further customization and integration with your own software.

2. Platforms supported

Buffer supports:

- Pinterest

- Twitter

- Facebook

- Instagram

- LinkedIn

Ocoya supports:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Pinterest

- TikTok

3. Features

Buffer has all the industry-standard features you’d expect from a social scheduling and management tool:

- Post scheduling: prepare your posts in advance and Buffer will post to your social media channels at any time you want.

- Photo creation: Buffer lets you edit your photos with Pablo, its image editor.

- Hashtags: append hashtags to your Instagram posts automatically.

- Collaboration: manage your teams and let people collaborate using a permission-based approach.

- Analytics: see which posts perform best with Buffer’s analytics.

- Hotkeys: Buffer allows you to set hotkeys for increased productivity.

- Smart emoji suggestions: if you happen to be using a particular emoji a lot, Buffer will automatically suggest you to include it in your next post.

Ocoya is as feature-packed as it gets, which allows it to be your Swiss Army Knife for social media, the only management, collaboration, content-generation, and scheduling tool you’ll ever need. Let’s break down the features piece by piece:

- Image/GIF designer: design compelling images and animations straight from Ocoya’s editor.

- Video generator: now you can breathe in new life to your social media posts using videos without leaving the platform or using any third-party tools.

- Music library: add music to your videos by choosing one from the many licensed tracks available in Ocoya’s library.

- eCommerce: import your eCommerce store’s products in minutes or less, so you can promote them on social media with stunning graphics and world-class copy.

- Hashtags: automatically generate hashtags for your social media posts based on the latest data of what’s currently trending.

- Captions: personalize your images by adding a caption.

- Scheduling: prepare as many posts as you want in advance, and Ocoya will post them at an ideal time.

- Analytics: optimize your campaigns by having a look at in-depth analytics.

- All your social media profiles in one place: access all of your social media profiles from Ocoya’s dashboard.

- Ad campaigns: Ocoya helps you budget for Facebook and TikTok ads.

- Link shortener: we have our very own link shortener called Jubb.ly that allows you to track the clicks you’re getting.

- Background remover: remove any background with a simple click to make your eCommerce products look more professional.

In addition to the above, new features are constantly being added, and you can view Ocoya’s public roadmap for what’s ahead.

4. Integrations

Buffer supports the following integrations:

- Canva: allows you to import images directly.

- Dropbox: whatever files you’re storing in your Dropbox account, Buffer lets you access and post them directly.

- OneDrive: similarly to Dropbox, you can have Buffer fetch content straight from your OneDrive account and post it.

- Giphy: have Buffer connect to Giphy to spice up your social media content with animated GIFs.

- Unsplash: automatically connect to Unsplash to post pictures from its library.

- Bitly: automatically generate shortened links to track clicks and engagement.

- OpenAI: utilize the platform’s natural language processing model to automatically create content for your social posts.

- Google Photos: access the platform directly to append images to your social media posts.

- Google Drive: similar to the above.

- Make: connect Buffer with other apps.

- CrowdRiff: bring in photos to Buffer with original link and caption.

- Quuu: seamlessly connect to this curated content suggestions platform.

- PicMonkey: scroll-stopping image creation platform for social media.

- Stencil: create engaging visuals for your posts.

- Pocket: save what you want for later and pull it up on demand.

- Feedly: Buffer can tap into various blogs and news feeds.

- Scoop.it: curate magazine content and access it from Buffer.

- paper.li: an online newspaper platform you can access directly.

- Bulkly: for recycling social media updates.

- Nelio Content: a popular Wordpress editorial calendar.

- Pixlee: a popular influencer platform.

- SocialBee: for recycling your social media posts.

- Hiplay: repost evergreen content on your social media channels.

- Hey Orca: if you’re a marketing agency, you may find this social media calendar useful.

- Cronycle: for curating, discovering, and filtering information to share on social media.

- Evergreen Content Poster: evergreen content never goes out of style, and you can always keep it in front of your audience’s eyes with this tool.

- Zapier: let the tool gather content from other online services so you can publish via Buffer.

- IFTTT: interconnect various apps and devices free of charge.

- Microsoft: tap into the power of automation with Microsoft Power Automate that lets you streamline tedious and mundane tasks.

- RiteKit: further customize your social media posts as per every client’s needs.

- Gather Social: a massive time saver when distributing content.

- Cloud Campaign: easily manage multiple clients.

- Planable: collaboration tool for teams looking to take their content creation to the next level.

- Gain App: marketing workflows for collaboration and teamwork.

Ocoya’s integrations are as follows:

- Shopify: seamlessly integrate your store’s products and make a post about them.

- WooCommerce: have Ocoya parse your eCommerce store’s products and craft a witty post about them.

- Canva: equip your posts with colorful images and beautiful designs created through Canva, either via a free or paid account.

- Google Business: put your business on the map and let it be found.

- TikTok: address the younger demographics through engaging short videos.

- YouTube: create YouTube videos straight from Ocoya to showcase your products and services in the best possible light.

- Etsy: import products from your Etsy store and post about them on social media with the help of Ocoya.

- BigCommerce: import products from your BigCommerce store and make a social media post about them.

- Ecwid: another eCommerce integration.

- Zapier: bring your automation game to a whole new level by tapping into Zapier’s 5000+ app integrations with Ocoya.

- Airtable: keep your social media marketing campaigns organized by accessing Airtable’s spreadsheets and templates you can customize to your liking.

- Make: access a powerful visual content creator and editor through Ocoya to make your social posts come to life.

- Adobe Express: produce breathtaking visual designs and post them straight to your social media channels with Ocoya.

- Unsplash: an extensive library of creative commons images you can insert straight into your social media posts.

- Giphy: create flashy GIFs straight from Ocoya to inject some life into your posts.

- Pexels: an extensive library of images and videos you can use in your posts.

- Pixabay: make your Ocoya posts more engaging by directly accessing a vast library of free stock photos and images you can use.

- Dropbox: whatever files you’re storing in your Dropbox account, Ocoya lets you access them directly.

- Slack: all the collaboration features of Slack at your fingertips, including messaging other members straight from Ocoya.

- REST API: automatically generate content and images with Ocoya’s in-house API.

5. AI content generator

Buffer comes with an AI content rewriter that allows you to repurpose your old content. It also helps you brainstorm new post ideas, ensuring you don’t ever get stuck. Simply tell it what your business is about, and it will generate a fitting post you can publish on social media. In case you don’t like it, you can generate a new one in a flash. Its AI generator also lets you rephrase, expand, and summarize content.

Ocoya comes with a powerful AI copywriter that can write convincing copy for you at the click of a button. In fact, 28 different languages are supported. All it needs to get the job done is a simple sentence or two worth of guidelines, and you’ll be off to the races. It can create anything from product descriptions, ad copy, blog titles, full social media posts and more. In mere seconds, you’ll have the results in your hands, with 5 or more variations to choose from.

6. Collaboration

Buffer gives you access to several collaboration tools that allow you to assign a role to each team member. You can set up your workflow so that a higher-ranking member must approve a deliverable before it goes live. Buffer allows for unlimited users to join and the pricing changes depending on how many people are using it.

Ocoya allows you to create workspaces that allow you to collaborate with your team members, so you can have every project-related file neatly organized in one place. You can have many different workspaces and easily switch between them on demand. They are fully customizable, so feel free to set your favorite theme and color combination. At any time you want to add a new user, simply send them an email invite through Ocoya. Assign them an appropriate role to retain full access control: pick from admin (full access), manager (full feature access, but cannot invite new users or access billing), or viewer (self-explanatory).

7. eCommerce

Although Buffer has a fair share of integrations in general, at the time of writing, we couldn’t find any eCommerce modules.

Ocoya lets you connect your store and automatically imports all products from it in the background. It supports all the popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, and Ecwid. This way, you can create a witty social media post that promotes one of your products straight from Ocoya (pro tip: you can also use its AI content generation module that can do all the thinking for you). On top of that, its eCommerce module also allows you to remove background from your product images with a single click! On top of that, Ocoya will fetch the most relevant hashtags for that particular social media network, sparing you the time you’d have to spend on research.

8. Customer support

Buffer has a knowledge base where you can get guidance on common issues like billing, analytics, and so forth. In addition, there are video tutorials that show you exactly how to tackle a certain task. There’s also a Discord channel where you can get in touch with their product team. You can send them an email, and they also respond to customer support related issues via Twitter and Facebook.

Ocoya has an extensive knowledge library called Ocoya University where you can get answers to your most burning questions. You will also find an FAQ section and several helpful articles. In addition, Ocoya has its own YouTube channel where you can watch over the shoulder as we take you through various things you can do from within the platform. Last but not least, you can join Ocoya’s Facebook group where other users can help each other out.

9. Reviews

G2: Ocoya currently averages a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. In comparison, Buffer has a 4.3 star average.

Trustpilot: Ocoya once again scored an average 4.7 out of 5 stars. In comparison, Buffer currently only has a measly 2.8 star average rating.

Capterra: Ocoya’s trendy 4.7 star average appears yet again. Buffer currently maintains an average of 4.5 stars.

Looks like the people have spoken!

10. The verdict

Buffer has been around for more than a decade now. But times are surely changing, and new competitors have stepped into the ring since. With the help of our unbiased comparison, we hope that you now see why Ocoya is simply the superior choice. We don’t compete on price, but feature-wise, it’s not even a debate – Ocoya wins hands down, especially in the eCommerce department.

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