Ocoya vs. Agorapulse: Usability and SMM Features Compared

Simon Orgulan
8 min
April 5, 2024

Times are changing and boy are they changing fast! Many of us still remember how it used to be when social media scheduling was nothing but a distant dream and you’d still have to do everything manually. Imagine how inconvenient it would be if you still had to wake up at a certain hour or rush from an important meeting just to publish that social media post when the time is right and your target audience is most responsive.

With the arrival of social media management and scheduling tools, there has been a dramatic shift in what’s possible. Most of them adhere to a philosophy of letting the user control all their social media profiles from a single dashboard and giving them the option of scheduling the posts well in advance. All of this can be said about Agorapulse, one of Ocoya’s competitors. But how does it measure up in other notable aspects?

As always, we’ve delved in deep to provide you a back-to-back comparison.

Ocoya vs. Agorapulse at a glance

Categories Ocoya Agorapulse
Monthly pricing$15/$39/$79/$159 $49/$79/$119/Custom
Platforms supported • Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• TikTok
• Facebook
• Youtube
• TikTok
• Pinterest
• Twitter
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
Features • Image/GIF designer
• Video generator
• Music library
• eCommerce
• Hashtags
• Captions
• Scheduling
• Analytics
• All your social media profiles in one place
• Ad campaigns
• Link shortener
• Background remover
• Posts scheduling
• Draft posts
• Unified Publishing Calendar
• Standard Social Inbox
• Instant translations
• Report export
• Basic Social Media ROI
• Custom Report date range
• White-label reporting
• Google Chrome extension
• Mobile application (iOS and Android)
• Google Analytics Integration
• Instagram Product Taggingasd
• PulseLink in bio
• Instagram grid view
• First comment scheduling (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
• X (Twitter) threads scheduling
• Team workflow
• Calendar notes
• Basic Ad Comment Monitoring
• Team performance reports
• Content Library
• 5 Shared Calendars
• Bulk publish content
• Content queues
• Advanced spam management
• Advanced Ad comments monitoring
• Automated Inbox Assistant
• Saved replies
• Inbox bulk actions
• Publishing content labels
• Advanced Social Media ROI reports
• Power reports (customized)
• Single Sign-On (SSO)
• CRM Integration
Integrations • Shopify
• WooCommerce
• Canva
• Google Business
• TikTok
• YouTube
• Etsy
• BigCommerce
• Ecwid
• Zapier
• Airtable
• Make
• Adobe Express
• Unsplash
• Giphy
• Pexels
• Pixabay
• Dropbox
• Slack
• Google Business
• Google Analytics
• Salesforce
• Canva
• Giphy
• Hubspot
• Bitly
AI content generatorYesYes
CollaborationYes (plus theme customization and role assignment)Yes
• Shopify
• WooCommerce
• BigCommerce
• Etsy
• Ecwid
Customer supportYesYes
ReviewsX/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.7
• Trustpilot: 4.7
• Cappterra: 4.7
X/5 star average on:
• G2: 4.5
• Trustpilot: 2.9
• Cappterra: 4.6

​1. Pricing

Agorapulse pricing:

To get you started, Agorapulse offers a 30 day free trial. As for the regular pricing tiers, they are as follows:

- Standard. At $49 per month, you get to attach 10 social media profiles, with each additional one adding another $10 on top of your monthly subscription. This pricing tier lets you access its standard features such as post scheduling, publishing calendar, standard social inbox, instant translations, reporting, ROI tracking, Google Chrome Extension, mobile app, and Google Analytics.

- Professional. At $79 per month, you get all the standard tier features, plus Instagram product tagging, PulseLink in bio, Instagram grid view, first comment scheduling, Twitter scheduling, team workflow features, Canva integration, calendar notes, comment monitoring for ad campaigns, team performance reports, as well as priority support.

- Advanced. At $119 per month, you get all the features listed up to this point, plus a content library, 5 shared calendars, the option of scheduling and publishing content in bulk, the ability to hide or delete spam in bulk, ad comments monitoring, automated inbox assistant, the option to save replies, bulk inbox actions, content labels, advanced ROI reports and power reports.

- Custom. Agorapulse lets you assemble a custom plan that’s tailored to your unique preferences and needs. This is the first plan that lets you connect an unlimited number of social media profiles. Plus, you get unlimited shared calendars, priority support, a dedicated account manager, quarterly business reviews, single sign-on (SSO), CRM integration, as well as the option of scheduling Facebook boosted posts.

Ocoya pricing:

Ocoya, easily rivals its flexibility by letting you choose between 4 pricing tiers:

- Bronze: Ready to level up your online presence? Picture this: for just $15 a month, you'll open the door to a world of endless opportunities! Jump on this amazing deal and easily manage up to 5 social media profiles. And guess what? You can even share a VIP pass with a trusted associate, dive into the boundless potential of a single workspace, and leverage Ocoya's AI content creation and image generation with 100 AI credits. Join the revolution today and let's make SMM waves together!

- Silver: Get set to unleash your social media game for just $39 a month! Imagine this: you'll command an army of 20 social media profiles, recruit a dream team of 5 experts to supercharge your strategy, and dive into a world of endless creativity with 5 fully customizable workspaces. But wait, there's more! You'll also snag a generous 500 AI credits and tap into a powerful AI-driven copywriting tool that effortlessly crafts compelling content in over 28 languages. It's time to level up your social media game like never before!

- Gold: Get set to elevate your digital presence for just $79 per month! Brace yourself for this jaw-dropping offer: gain control over a whopping 50 social profiles, rally a powerhouse team of 20 members to boost your SMM game, and craft 20 dynamic workspaces to fuel your creativity. But hold onto your seat, because there's more! You'll also score an incredible bonus of 1500 AI credits to supercharge your online adventures. Ready to soar to new heights?

- Diamond: Imagine this: for just $159 a month, Ocoya hands you the keys to unleash your digital dominance! Picture yourself conquering 150 social profiles, leading a team of 50 allies, and effortlessly switching between unlimited workspaces. With boundless AI credits, content creation is a breeze. But wait, there's more! Ocoya sweetens the deal with advanced analytics, branded reports, and seamless REST API integration for ultimate customization and software synergy. It's not just a platform; it's your ticket to unstoppable SMM success!

2. Platforms supported

Agorapulse supports:

- Facebook

- Youtube

- TikTok

- Pinterest

- Twitter

- Instagram

- LinkedIn

Ocoya supports:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Pinterest

- LinkedIn

- Instagram

- TikTok

3. Features

Depending on your subscription tier, Agorapulse offers the following features (the list below assumes you have the highest subscription tier activated):

- Posts scheduling. Use their scheduler to send out your social media posts at the perfect time. There is no limit with regard to how many posts you can schedule.

- Draft posts. Use their built-in editor to mold your posts to perfection before they go out.

- Unified Publishing Calendar. Get an accurate picture of what’s about to be published and when.

- Standard Social Inbox. It can hold up to 5000 messages per month.

- Instant translations. Reach other local markets by localizing your content.

- Report export. See the results of your campaigns and share them with others if need be.

- Basic Social Media ROI. With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily get a clearer picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

- Custom Report date range. Delve even deeper into your statistics by analyzing a specific date range.

- White-label reporting. This features allows you to add your own logo to the reports.

- Google Chrome extension. Now you can easily access Agorapulse directly from Google Chrome.

- Mobile application (iOS & Android). Instantly access Agorapulse from a smart device of your choosing.

- Google Analytics Integration. Allows you to get in-depth insights into your social media campaigns.

- Instagram Product Tagging. Easily know what goes where with the help of this feature.

- PulseLink in bio. Create a mini website in your bio. When users click on it, they can access a link tree that can take them to their desired destination.

- Instagram grid view. View your Instagram photos in a neatly arranged fashion.

- First comment scheduling (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn). Certain platforms impose restrictions regarding adding links to the main post. To circumvent this, the best practice is to add them as part of the first comment.

- X (Twitter) threads scheduling. Schedule posts for Twitter (now X).

- Team workflow. Allows you to assign roles to certain team members. This way, you can have a certain group of users oversee the work of others.

- Calendar notes. This helps you organize the workflow better.

- Basic Ad Comment Monitoring. This allows you to monitor up to 300 ads.

- Team performance reports. Get insights into how well your team is performing and whether they’re managing to hit the goals.

- Content Library. Make your posts look pretty by placing multimedia elements inside.

- 5 Shared Calendars. This allows you to easily gather feedback from stakeholders.

- Bulk publish content. Send out multiple posts at the same time.

- Content queues. Schedule multiple posts to be published at a later date.

- Advanced spam management. Delete or hide spammy messages.

- Advanced Ad comments monitoring. Monitor comments in up to 2500 live ads.

- Automated Inbox Assistant. Allows you to manage your inbox better.

- Saved replies. Never again will you have to miss out on an important reply.

- Inbox bulk actions. Assign, label, review, hide, and delete messages.

- Publishing content labels. Helps you organize your inbox.

- Advanced Social Media ROI reports. Implement Google Analytics to determine how well your social media campaigns are doing.

- Power reports (customized). These reports are presentation-readdy.

- Single Sign-On (SSO). Use one set of login credentials for a streamlined user authentication experience.

- CRM Integration. Integrated Salesforce and Hubspot features allow you to manage your customers better.

Ocoya sweeps in as the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for your SMM needs – a versatile powerhouse packed with a treasure trove of features. It's not just a tool; it's a complete social media management solution, packed with collaboration, content creation, and scheduling features. But why settle for imagination? Let's dive in and explore each of these incredible features, unlocking their full potential one step at a time!

- Image/GIF designer: Wave goodbye to the headache of bouncing between platforms to craft stunning images and animations. Ocoya's built-in editor puts everything you need right at your fingertips!

- Video generator: Ocoya's multimedia wizardry doesn't stop at images. Elevate your social media game by seamlessly integrating captivating videos directly from the platform, no third-party tools needed!

- Music library: Why settle for bland when you can add some spice to your social media posts with Ocoya? Easily jazz up your videos by adding a licensed track from our vast music library. Let your content groove with personality!

- eCommerce: Unlock the full power of social media to supercharge your eCommerce campaigns! With Ocoya, effortlessly link up with top eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce in mere clicks. Now, promoting your top products is as easy as pie whenever inspiration hits. Embrace seamless integration and endless potential for skyrocketing your online sales!

- Hashtags: Dive into the magic of Ocoya's clever hashtag analytics to ride the trends and discover the perfect hashtags that'll boost your content's reach and engagement. And guess what? It's as simple as clicking a button!

- Captions: Infuse your images with personality! Add custom captions that grab attention and narrate your unique story.

- Scheduling: Seize control of your social media strategy! Schedule your posts in advance to ensure they hit the spotlight when your audience is buzzing with activity. No more worries about missing out while you're busy with meetings or events – Ocoya takes care of everything smoothly for you.

- Analytics: Ever caught yourself wondering which posts truly hit the bullseye and which parts of your strategy sparkle brightest? Bid farewell to the guesswork with Ocoya's advanced analytics right at your fingertips!

- All your social media profiles in one place: Say farewell to the headache of juggling multiple social media profiles! With Ocoya's centralized dashboard, you can effortlessly oversee and handle them all from one convenient spot.

- Ad campaigns: Stumbling through the budgeting maze of Facebook and TikTok ad campaigns can feel like solving a puzzle, but fear not! Ocoya simplifies the process, giving you the power to optimize your ad spend effortlessly.

- Link shortener: Shine bright with Ocoya's charming Jubb.ly link shortener! It's not just about looks – it's a robust click-tracking tool that effortlessly unveils which of your links are stealing the show, making it a breeze to gauge your audience's engagement.

- Background remover: Caught sight of a perfect image, but the background doesn't quite match your vibe? No problem at all! Thanks to Ocoya's smart algorithms, bid farewell to unwanted backgrounds in just a single click.

And here's the cherry on top: Ocoya’s public roadmap brings transparency to the forefront, keeping you in the know about our latest developments. Plus, our community gets to vote on the features they want to see, and our development team makes sure to give them top priority. Pretty slick, right?

4. AI content generator

Agorapulse features AI-powered writing functionality that helps you come up with engaging and customized content in real-time. It lets you pick the perfect tone that seamlessly resonates with your target audience (promotional, engaging, funny and others). Based on your content, Agorapulse also comes up with image suggestions thanks to its Canva integration, so you can pull up a relevant image and append it to your content in just a few clicks.

Get ready to be blown away by the unstoppable power of Ocoya's AI copywriter! With a single click, you'll unlock the ability to create persuasive and captivating copy that stands out from the crowd. This groundbreaking tool supports an impressive 28 languages and effortlessly generates engaging content, whether it's product descriptions, ad copy, blog titles, or full social media posts. In just seconds, you'll have a wealth of compelling options at your disposal, paving the way for endless opportunities to captivate and enthrall your audience.

5. Collaboration

Although Agorapulse does come with collaboration features, our gripe with this is that you’re only able to access these if you decide to upgrade your account to the second pricing tier. Once you’re able to get this up and running, you will be able to access standard collaboration features such as the ability to assign different roles to different users. This way, you can have a team of content creators prepare the content for you, while a designated team of editors oversees their work and either approves their submissions or requests a revision.

Ocoya unleashes the magic of collaborative workspaces, turning teamwork into a harmonious symphony. Bid farewell to the chaos of scattered project files; everything finds its place in one beautifully organized hub. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple workspaces that you can seamlessly switch between, each reflecting your unique style with custom themes and colors. Adding new teammates is a breeze – simply send out email invites directly from Ocoya. And with roles like admin, manager, or viewer, you have precise control over who wields the platform's power and accesses its features.

6. eCommerce

At the time of writing, we were unable to find any eCommerce features on Agorapulse’s platform.

Consider Ocoya your backstage ally in eCommerce triumph, effortlessly syncing with your online store. Whether you're rocking Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, or Ecwid, Ocoya's got your back, supporting all the big names in eCommerce. This seamless integration means you can whip up clever and captivating social media posts to flaunt your products, all without leaving the comfort of the Ocoya platform.

In addition, you can tap into Ocoya's AI content generation module to ignite your creativity and streamline your workflow. But wait, there's more! With Ocoya's eCommerce module, effortlessly remove backgrounds from product images with just one click. And to top it off, it automatically fetches the most relevant hashtags for each social media network, freeing up your time to dive into business growth.

7. Customer support

Agorapulse allows its users to get in touch with their customer support team either through the website or a designated e-mail address.

At Ocoya, your journey begins with Ocoya University, your gateway to a wealth of knowledge. Dive into our expansive library, filled with answers to your burning questions and enlightening articles waiting to be discovered. But that's just the beginning – immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Ocoya's YouTube channel for hands-on demonstrations of platform features. And don't miss out on joining Ocoya's Facebook group, where you'll connect with fellow users, fostering a thriving community built on mutual support and collaboration.

8. Reviews

G2: Ocoya boasts an impressive average 4.7 rating, while Agorapulse is not too far behind with 4.5. Still, a victory for Ocoya!

Trustpilot: Ocoya’s average 4.7 star rating on Truspilot puts Agorapulse’s average 2.9 star rating to shame.

Capterra: Here, it’s almost a tie, but Ocoya still managed to come out ahead ever so slightly with 4.7 compared to Agorapulse’s 4.6.

9. The verdict

Hopefully, it’s clear by now why Ocoya comes out ahead in this one.

Just look at the pricing alone; nowadays, startups are forced to operate with a tight budget, and not everyone can afford to shell out a hefty $49 subscription right out the gate (and that’s just to get their most affordable package). On the other hand, Ocoya lets you get up and running at only $15 per month. If you compare what you get for your money across all pricing tiers, Ocoya simply gives you more features and charges you less.

In terms of features supported, we’ll be fair and say that each tool gives you something a bit different. It is our subjective view that you get more and better features with Ocoya, and the user experience is far superior with it as well. Our AI content generator is far superior and it lets you pick from multiple variations that are presented to you all at the same time. But we’ll let you be the judge of that (a soft nudge that Ocoya offers a free 7-day trial is in order).

Also, we must point out the fact that Agorapulse offers zero eCommerce features at the time, much in contrast with Ocoya. So if you’re on social media for that purpose primarily, you know which one to pick. In addition, Ocoya has far more integrations than Agorapulse does. Furthermore, Ocoya has far better reviews and ratings on the leading review platforms, so with that in mind, we’ll let the voice of the people decide the winner – it’s Ocoya indeed!

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