A New Chapter In Social Media Scheduling: Introducing Ocoya v3.0

Aivaras Tumas
7 min
January 12, 2024

Throughout the years, the Ocoya community has grown immensely - over 25,000+ businesses use Ocoya! The numbers are growing day by day and we’ve accumulated thousands of satisfied customers who rely on us for all their content scheduling needs.

As developers, we’re committed to serving a market need by providing a tool you can count on to schedule your social media content and publish it at predetermined times. But that’s just the essential functionality.

We want to go above and beyond what our competitors can offer by infusing it with extra goodies and features such as AI-powered automated content generation to truly make it a comprehensive social scheduling solution – the last one you’ll ever need to explode your social media marketing campaigns.

Now, it’s time to take things to the next level. You’ve all waited for it and now we’re finally ready to go live with Ocoya v3.0, the next chapter in our social media automation and scheduling journey. We’ve listened to your feedback and concerns, and the latest upgrade is our way of saying thanks for being our loyal customers. Try out it out here!

Ocoya v3.0 calendar

Massive improvements in 3 key areas

We’ll give you the complete rundown of the features that come with the new version, but most notably, you’ll see massive upgrades in the following 3 main areas:

1. Speed

During peak hours, certain users have experienced timeouts and slowdowns. We’ve heard your concerns, and we’re pleased to inform you that, with the launch of Ocoya v3.0, these will effectively become a thing of the past.

We’ve been pressure testing it tirelessly and not only does it uphold a stable performance under heavy traffic, our measurements suggest it’s now 10x faster than before. No more lag, no more waiting, no more timeouts. Just click it and it’s done!

2. UI/UX

By analyzing our competition and the global market trends, it has become clear to us that providing a spotless UI/UX should lie at the core of its design. We’ve designed it to be so intuitive and user-friendly that you won’t even need to look at it twice to understand how to use it and what each function does.

Since we know you’re counting on us to get your social content out there when it counts without pardon, we’re excited to bring you a 100% uptime guarantee. Any changes we decide to implement from here on out will fall in line with this core philosophy and won’t slow things down or confuse you.

3. The latest tech

Although the decision did not come lightly, Ocoya v3.0 was built from the ground up using the latest tech (including React). In turn, this allows us to stay competitive by putting an emphasis on speed and reliability.

As you can imagine, re-coding everything from scratch while staying faithful to the original design philosophy is no easy feat. This is also the reason why you’ve waited for the new version for so long and it’s long overdue indeed. On the flipside, working with the latest technology allows us to release new features much faster than ever before, so v3.0 marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in Ocoya’s history.

Ocoya v3.0 posts

The complete list of all tweaks and new features

More features will be added as time goes on and the ones you can find below are already fully implemented:

Schedule straight from calendar

To improve the overall user experience and reduce the number of steps it takes to get the job done to the bare minimum, Ocoya v3.0 allows you to schedule and/or post one of your previous posts straight from the calendar. No more browsing through your archives when you want to repost something, either “as is” or by changing something here and there.

Instead, simply switch on one of the calendar views that appeal to you, seamlessly glaze through your personalized social posts archive and click it. Immediately, an editor will pop up from where you can apply your changes on the fly or simply hit the “Reschedule” button and get it over with. Simple and easy.

Ocoya v3.0 allows you to schedule posts straight from calendar
List view calendar

We feel it’s important to have a comprehensive overview of your social media marketing campaigns. This means everything you still need to schedule and everything that’s gone out already. We want you to see where you stand, right here, right now.

With this in mind, Ocoya v3.0’s calendar now allows you to view your campaigns from a whole new perspective thanks to list view. Just like the file manager you’re using on your local computer or smart device, some users might prefer a certain mode over the others, and the easiest way to please everybody is to give our users the freedom to choose. You can change the view at any time by clicking one of the icons in the top right corner.

List view calendar in Ocoya v3.0
Mobile support

Ocoya v3.0 comes with the much needed mobile support, allowing for seamless access on all smart devices. No matter what screen size or resolution you’re using, Ocoya will detect it automatically and adjust the content displayed without having to lift a finger.

This is a great thing if you find yourself forgetting to schedule something or wanting to make changes when you’re out and about with nothing but a smartphone in your back-pocket. Ocoya knows how to adapt to the specifics of your device, allowing for a spotless user experience no matter the occasion.

Ocoya v3.0 supports mobile view
API integration

If you’d like to use Ocoya in conjunction with another tool or platform, it’s extremely easy to connect the two by making a simple API call. In layman terms, this means sending a command through one of the platforms and having Ocoya interpret it and execute it on your behalf.

For example, let’s say you’ve just added a new product to your eCommerce store. Why not let your followers know about it on social media? That’s without having to schedule it manually, of course. All of that is possible through API calls. Let your IT department make the integrations necessary and you’ll be off to the races.

The API has little functionality at the moment, but are working on bringing as many functions as possible for the whole Ocoya suite soon!

Easily connect Ocoya v3.0 to other apps via an API
Reorder creatives with drag and drop

While other platforms continue to make things needlessly complicated, at Ocoya, we much prefer the WYSIWYG approach because we understand that not every user has an IT degree. In other words, we want to make things less complicated whenever and wherever possible without taking away the depth of what the tool allows you to do.

Want to put that image in a different place? Simply drag it to the place you’ve laid your eyes on. Want to rearrange the order of the list? A drag and drop approach should work just the same. With Ocoya v3.0, you’ll be able to spend more time nailing that perfect post format rather than having to study the user manual at every step you’re about to take.

Reorder creatives with Ocoya v3.0
Variations for socials

During your social media marketing journey, you may come across a situation that calls for custom-tailoring your post with the intention of posting a slightly different version of it to each of your social media channels. Perhaps you want to talk about a certain thing in a more formal way on LinkedIn compared to Facebook or comply with Twitter's strict post length restrictions? Does a certain network only allow you to append an X amount of images? From now on, you won't have to create a whole separate post just to comply.

Since this has been a commonly requested feature, as of Ocoya v3.0, you can now choose to send out different variations of the same post to different social media channels!

Produce variations for socials with Ocoya v3.0
Dark mode and colored themes

You only have one pair of eyes so be sure to look after your eyesight! Staring into a white background all the time can do a number on it and make your head hurt, so we wanted to give your eyes a break by letting you choose between several different color themes - one step towards our long awaited white-labelling solution!

Ocoya v3.0 also supports dark mode. You can toggle it on or off in the top right corner by pressing the sun/moon icon. In our humble opinion, it looks way more stylish! As time goes on, more color combinations will be coming, spanning from dark orange and all the way to blue, green, and so on. In essence, we want you to make Ocoya your own by letting you customize it.

Choose your own color theme in Ocoya v3.0
Directly upload videos from caption editor

We get it – you’re busy, and you don’t have all day to mess about waiting for videos to finish uploading to one platform, then coming back to embed them later, hoping that you’ve grabbed the right url or piece of code to begin with.

With Ocoya v3.0, you won’t be wasting any more time than what’s absolutely necessary. Simply choose the video you’d like to upload from your local device and Ocoya will take care of the rest. Once it’s finished uploading, you’ll be able to initiate playback straight from the editor.

Ocoya v3.0 lets you upload videos directly from the caption editor
Other improvements:
  • Change time zones, no longer locked to location
  • Social profile image no longer expires
  • Add beyond 25 Facebook profiles 
  • Delete and rename workspaces
Upcoming features:
  • Schedule recurring
  • More integrations (YouTube, Pinterest, GMB, and more to come)
  • Advanced analytics
  • AI-powered automated long-form content generation
  • Unified inbox
  • AI art

It’s been a long time, but the wait is finally over and you will now be able to enjoy the new features as well as a whole new look now Ocoyav 3.0 has been released. To summarize, most of the tweaks and upgrades are focused on improving your user experience while making the interaction as seamless as possible. No more timeouts and wasting time on unnecessary steps within the application. We want to get you up and running fast!

Don’t forget that our new tech stack allows us to release new features faster than ever, so the future of Ocoya is looking bright indeed! We promise to keep you in the loop about what’s coming. All we can say for now is that Ocoya v3.0 is a major milestone and a product of our love for this wonderful community.

Not only have we brought you up to speed on what we’ve been working so tirelessly on for all this time, we’ve also given you a glimpse into what’s about to come in the near future. So have at it, experiment with all the features your favorite social media scheduling tool now gives you, and we’ll see you in the next update!

Try out Ocoya v3.0 here!

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