How to Manage Multiple Social Media Channels Like a Pro

Simon Orgulan
7 min
January 12, 2024

Whether you’re managing multiple social media channels to maximize your reach or for your clients, juggling so many responsibilities is not an easy feat. When time is of the essence, what you once considered to be smooth sailing from the comfort of your laptop can quickly turn into a deadline driven nightmare.

Be it as it may, it’s time to finish what you started. With the help of our social media channel management tips, we will take all the stress out of the equation and point out any inefficiencies you might be making along the way so you can fix them and get back on track.

To reassure you and let you know that you’re indeed on the right track, let’s first go over the benefits of posting on multiple social media accounts.

Why social media multi posting gives you an edge

In the world of social media, nothing is set in stone. Nevertheless, most users would agree that LinkedIn, for example, has a slightly more B2B oriented focus compared to the others. When it comes to distributing news, Facebook and Twitter make it an absolute breeze. Instagram and Pinterest are essentially a search engine for images, each with a slightly different spin on the concept.

Why is this important? Because it allows you to position your content in front of the right audience. By knowing what tends to work best on each of these platforms, you can custom-tailor your content for each to give it the right undertones, the kind that are the most likely to resonate with what that particular platform’s users expect. This takes slightly more work than simply re-posting what you wrote across every social media channel, but it’s well worth it. Of course, the best strategy completely depends on your niche, but it’s certainly something to at least think about.

This rabbit hole goes even further than what different social media platforms were designed to accomplish. Did you know that the target demographics vary across the board? For example, the average user of TikTok is between 16 and 24 years of age. This makes for a stark contrast when compared to LinkedIn where the majority of its users fall into the 30 to 64 years of age bracket.

All of this begs the question: if social media multi posting is the way to go, what is the right amount of social media accounts you should have so as to not spread yourself too thin, yet still maximize your efforts? You’re about to find out!

What’s the ideal number of social media accounts?

Answering this one can be tricky. It mostly depends on:

- Your business goals

- Your target demographics

- Your overall workflow

In case the products and services you’re selling have a mass appeal, by all means, go for all of them. If, however, they are laser-focused on serving the needs of a particular group, ask where your potential buyers are the most likely to hang out. Once you have the answer, you’ll know where to spend the majority of your time and energy. In case your niche is something super techy or specific, you could very well find that multiple social media channel management is not worth it in this particular case.

However, most businesses are likely to fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. This means that, in most cases, going a bit wider than posting on one single social media channel exclusively will pay off in spades. It’s completely fine to start with posting on one social media platform in the beginning, but as time passes, your business will grow, so you have to be at least somewhat future-oriented. In that spirit, ask yourself: how do you see yourself marketing your business in the future?

Tips to become a social media multi posting ninja

By taking all of this into consideration, you’ll know exactly how to pick your battles and expand your social media marketing efforts across multiple platforms. To make the most of your time and finally solving the riddle of how to manage multiple social media channels like it’s a walk in the park, we’ve prepared the following tips:

1. Make content creation a habit

If you’re new to content creation, getting started can be slow. But once you get in the habit of doing it, you will no longer spend an exorbitant amount of time gluing the pieces together. To ease your way into it, a cool trick is to create a content template that will serve as your very own personal swipe file for inspiration.

To illustrate an example, here’s how you can create interesting headlines without breaking a sweat:

- What’s behind the success of _____?

- X tips for Y

- What _____ won’t tell you about _____

- etc.

This kind of fill-in-the-blanks approach is designed to save you time and get you generating attention-grabbing headlines like clockwork. To get some initial inspiration, you can google a couple of ideas or, better yet, check what your competition is doing to create something similar. Don’t copy and paste for obvious reasons. However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting your unique spin on a subject.

Pssst… did you know Ocoya can help you automatically generate amazing content with the help of AI?

2. Repost some of your content

If you’ve heard the saying that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, now would be an appropriate situation to emphasize it. In other words, if one of your posts has performed particularly well, you should post it again at some point down the line.

With that in mind, do make sure to respect every social media platform’s rules and guidelines. Below, we’ve summarized the key reposting takeaways for each.

Can you repost on Facebook?

Facebook has no quarrels with reposting your own or other people’s content, so you’re free to do so to your heart’s desire.

Can you repost on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has no problem with reposting your own content. In case you’re reposting other people’s work, be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Can you repost on Twitter?

Publishing the same content is fine as long as you make slight changes here and there (such as changing up the images and hashtags for instance). For reposting other people’s tweets, there’s a built-in function for that’s called “re-tweet”.

Can you repost on TikTok?

While you could technically repost the same video on TikTok, bear in mind it won’t appear on your feed (your followers will get an alert though). For reposting other people’s videos, look for the repost button.

Can you repost on Instagram?

Technically, there are no obstacles. Do note, however, that there will be quality loss if you reupload the image that you downloaded from Instagram due to compression, so it’s best to upload from the same source, change a couple of hashtags, and you’ll be good to go. As for reposting other people’s images, although Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature that would allow you to do that, reposting is fine as long as you give credit to the original author.

Even though the above may be the case at the time of writing, there are no guarantees that things won’t change in the future. If that ever happens to be the case, we have just the thing that will wash away all of your worries. Namely, Ocoya’s AI-powered content rewriting capabilities you can tap into at the click of a button.

3. Cross-post with a twist

You’ve probably considered using the good old copy and paste method to quickly spread the content you created across multiple social media channels. But remember what we’ve said about different social media channels having different demographics? Although you could probably get away with it on a technical level, your efforts would go much further if you were to put in a little bit extra effort by custom-tailoring it with these differences in mind.

The good news is, reworking a piece of content doesn’t necessarily have to take that long. After all, you’ve already got the basic concept nailed in, right? Now, all you have to do is perhaps adjust the tone of your content a bit (you should probably have it be a bit more formal if you intend to post it on LinkedIn), choose appropriate hashtags for each, switch the links (if nothing else, for the sake of tracking), and change up the images a little bit. Voila! Your content can be made fresh within minutes.

Pro tip: Ocoya can automatically rewrite your content and generate hashtags for you as well, thus killing two birds with one stone.

4. Use a tool that allows you to post to multiple social media channels at once

Having to login and re-login the old-fashioned way all day long only for the sake of publishing your content on social media can be a chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to do it from a single app? You’re in luck! With Ocoya, social media channel management is easy. With just a few clicks, you can schedule your content to be posted in advance, thus allowing you to nail the ideal times when your audience is the most active. You can even cross-post the same content across a multitude of social media channels such as:

- LinkedIn

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Twitter

- TikTok

- Pinterest

- as well as eCommerce solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce!

Since the tool was designed with a non-tech-savvy user in mind, it’s as intuitive as it gets, so you won’t need to spend too much time learning the ropes.

We'll show you how simple it is to schedule a post in advance. You only need to navigate to the main menu and click the "Posts" button in the sidebar to the left.

Ocoya find the Posts section to schedule your post in advance

Here, you can edit a draft or create a new post from scratch. In this case, we'll click "Create New".

Ocoya create new post

Populate the content field (or copy and paste your post if you've already prepared it).

Ocoya fill out the content section

Select the social media channels you want it to be posted to. It can be as many as you'd like.

Choose the platforms you'd like Ocoya to post to

You can now post it right away or schedule it to be posted later. Find the "Schedule" button on the right side of the screen.

Ocoya schedule your post

Select the time and date you want it to be posted.

Pick the time and date in Ocoya

Confirm your selection by clicking the green biutton to the right and you're done!

Ocoya confirm your selection and schedule the post

You can repeat the process as many times as you'd like and prepare a month's worth of content in advance.

5. Hire a social media manager

We get it – you’re a busy guy! As if polishing up on your products and service offerings doesn’t take up enough of your time already, now you’re supposed to carve out extra slots in your busy schedule to market your business on social media. On top of it all, you’re supposed to be there for your followers and answer their questions when they reach out to you which takes even more time.

Why not make it easy on yourself by hiring a social media manager? Keep in mind these are the people who often make a full-time living managing other people’s social media channels. Someone like that is bound to know a fair bit when it comes to content creation and socializing to keep your followers engaged.

Alternatively, there’s Ocoya that will help you automate some of the workflow! Compared to hiring a social media manager, it won’t cost nearly as much to get started. In fact, there’s even a free plan for you to get a taste of its capabilities, thus making it one of the best Hootsuite alternatives for you to explore.

6. Study the best posting practices for each network

By familiarizing yourself with the target demographics of each network, along with when social media users are the most active and what kind of content they’re craving for will make you a social media multi posting ninja. Just by looking at the platform, you’ll know exactly what buttons to press to get a reaction from your followers, so transforming them to loyal customers will be a cakewalk.

One of the golden rules of social media marketing is that things tend to operate on a principle of reciprocity. If you give them what they want (aka. great content), they will give you what you want in return (in other words, become your customers). All the rest is a numbers’ game. If you can post with the right frequency and have your posts go live at the right time, it won’t take long for you to dominate each of the networks you’re active on. Keep grinding away at it and remember that success equals consistency over time.

Don’t forget to use every social media platform’s analytics to determine if your marketing strategy is paying off and what kind of content usually performs best.

7. Automate what you can

Although not everything can be fully automated, social media automation has come a long way since its early days. Over the course of time, many Hootsuite alternatives have entered the market, so you’re virtually spoiled for choice.

Globally hailed as the Swiss army knife of social media marketing, post scheduling, and content creation, Ocoya is your one stop shop for:

- Social media channel management with a unified dashboard

- Rewriting existing and creating new content with the help of AI

- Scheduling your content in advance

- Pulling your entire eCommerce catalog to promote your products at will

- Generating hashtags with one click

- Tracking your social media marketing campaigns with custom short URLs

- and much, much more!

We invite you to take a look at Ocoya’s feature overview here to get a complete picture of what it can do.

With the right approach, knowledge, and tools, juggling multiple social media channels is more than doable. You just need to invest some time in honing your craft, develop the right social media marketing strategy, automate what you can, and learn how to make the most of your time.

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