Ocoya is Joining Fiverr Certified

Aivaras Tumas
3 min
January 12, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the beginning of another mutually-beneficial partnership: Ocoya is joining Fiverr Certified! From now on, you will have direct access to talented freelancers experienced in everything Ocoya-related, whether it be:

- Integrating Ocoya with another third-party platform or service

- Crafting a custom social media marketing strategy

- Setting up your account

- Designing custom-made graphics

- Optimizing your ad campaigns for success

- And more!

How does this benefit you?

The new partnership with Fiverr will make it easier to get direct access to an experienced Ocoya professional who is familiar with several of its technical aspects that go beyond just the basic functionality. Think of it like customer support, but with a massive plus!

Bear in mind this is not meant to be a replacement for our regular customer support channels, since the talents of these specialized Fiverr rockstars clearly surpass the level of knowledge a typical customer support agent would normally possess.

Get immediate access to pre-vetted certified experts

Have you had issues finding an experienced social media marketer who also happens to be an advanced level Ocoya user at the same time?

Have you found an awesome third-party service you’d like to make a part of your social media marketing campaigns, but don’t have the faintest idea how to integrate it with Ocoya?

Such issues are now effectively a thing of the past.

From now on, you will be able to hire certified experts in numerous fields who also know the nuts and bolts of everything Ocoya can do. Blending these two skill sets together ultimately fills a massive void in the market, presenting you with a solution you’ve been looking for to take your social media campaigns to the next level!

Work with your chosen expert one-on-one

You provide the vision of what you’d like to get done, and your chosen Fiverr Certified expert will do the rest. No more wading through thousands of Fiverr gigs hoping to find someone with the right level of expertise who’s up to the task.

Pay safely and securely

Don’t worry about having to find a separate payment processor – you can pay your Fiverr Certified expert without leaving the platform. Besides, there’s an escrow system that ensures you’re 100% satisfied with the deliverables before payment gets released.

Any questions? Have a one-on-one video chat with your Fiverr Certified expert!

Undoubtedly, you want to get your money’s worth and nail the project down to the last detail. We hear you! As luck would have it, Fiverr allows you to message your chosen Fiverr Certified expert directly. Alternatively, you can also schedule a call via Zoom to sort out the fine details.

Head on over to Ocoya’s Fiverr Certified page!

Now that you know what awaits you as part of our new partnership, we invite you to head on over to Ocoya on Fiverr Certified! Meet our certified specialists, go through their credentials and get your next awesome social media project underway.

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