You Can Now Hire Certified Ocoya Professionals on Upwork

Aivaras Tumas
2 min
January 12, 2024

Great news! As you all know, our dedicated team at Ocoya is continuously working on providing the best user experience and client service possible. In that spirit, we want to streamline your access to Ocoya’s top professionals through the world’s leading freelance platforms, which means we are now officially joining forces with Upwork’s work marketplace.

​What does this mean for our users?

From now on, you will easily be able to get access to a personal consultation and/or a technical implementation that goes above and beyond what you can get from our standard customer support (the latter of which, of course, remains a free-to-use part of our services).

Examples include:

- Setting up a custom-tailored marketing sequence for your social media channels

- Optimizing your AI prompts to get exactly the kind of results you’re after

- Getting personalized digital marketing advice that’s custom-tailored to your audience

- Setting up your account

- Integrating Ocoya with any other supported third-party platform of your choice

- Getting help with preparing written, visual, or video content to include as part of your social media marketing campaigns

- Receiving a custom-made logo and other graphic design services

- Hiring an expert to help you with your advertising campaigns, either by optimizing your existing ones or creating them from scratch

- And more!

​A new level of support for Ocoya users

As one of our valued users, you are probably already well aware of what Ocoya can do. However, we realize that, despite actively working on making it as user-friendly as possible, there’s still a possibility of encountering a technical and/or creative obstacle that you simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to work through on your own. After all, running your business is your main priority, and we hear you!

We want to emphasize that our standard level of customer support is not going away any time soon, nor will it be any less helpful, responsive, or amazing than what you’ve grown accustomed to. Hiring an Ocoya expert on Upwork can let you in on a nugget of wisdom or the kind of technical implementation that goes above and beyond the standard level of customer support, and that’s a notable distinction to make. It’s simply an added bonus for those who need it.

​Say goodbye to weeding through the freelancers – work directly with our pre-vetted Ocoya experts on Upwork

In the vast and open freelancing market you can find an expert for just about anything under the sun. The issue is, not everyone knows everything, as it’s near impossible to do so. In practice, this translates to having to comb through hundreds of profiles, and even when you think you’ve found the right expert for you, you have to test them out to see if they’re a good fit.

With certified Ocoya experts, you know you're getting a highly skilled and reliable freelancer who specializes in our product. Pick the one with the right area of expertise that matches your project requirements, and you can get started in minutes. No more wasting time with freelancers who may or may not be a fit – work with a certified Ocoya professional instead!

​Secure collaboration through Upwork, a trusted platform

Upwork is known as a reliable and trustworthy platform with tools and resources to help you simplify hiring. One great tool is their robust payment and escrow system which allows you to get things done quickly rather than having to worry about payment security. Simply find an expert you like, hire them, and approve their work once you’re happy with the results. Only then will you be charged for their services.

​What are you waiting for? See how things work for yourself

Your Ocoya certified Upwork professional is just a click away. Pick one from an extensive list of our pre-vetted experts and get your project underway!

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