Announcing a Strategic Partnership - Ocoya and Inngest

Aivaras Tumas
3 min
January 12, 2024

It’s official! Ocoya and Inngest are joining forces to bring you an overhauled social media and eCommerce scheduling experience.

Over the course of time, Ocoya has evolved tremendously and we’ve come a long way from our early beginnings. In the last year alone, we’ve completely overhauled our interface and added countless new features, with most of our recent efforts being poured into expanding on its AI offerings of various sorts as well as several integrations with a focus on eCommerce.

As you may have heard already, Inngest is the market-leading background jobs provider. Their services power the world’s top digital systems that require round-the-clock reliability to stay functional, whether it be webhooks, crons, or other workflow requirements.

Since we strive to provide a spotless user experience to our clients, we believe this is the next logical stepping store in the equation. In other words, making sure Ocoya is there for you when you need it is one of our highest priorities and a huge responsibility. Thus, we want to make sure someone is keeping a watchful eye on our backend 24/7.

About Inngest

Inngest is a developer-focused platform that provides a stable, reliable, and event-driven backend. This allows developers to focus on improving their product rather than having to spend an enormous amount of time on the technical front, ensuring that everything is running as it should be.

Some of the market-leading players have entrusted that responsibility to Inngest, which speaks volumes about their dedication to providing an uptime that never caves in, not even when thousands of requests are coming in all at once.

How will the new partnership benefit you, our valued clients?

Our clients value not only the reliability of our services, but also the experience, the “smoothness” of it all. We want to make sure that Ocoya remains all that and more, even during times of peak workload. Working with Inngest is our vision of making that happen.

Not only is this an ironclad guarantee of service reliability, it will also free up our time to work on the most important parts of Ocoya and bring you even more exciting new features down the line.

We believe that much of the social media scheduling and AI content generation space is still left unexplored, and we want to see how far the path goes. In doing so, we aim to scale our operations to unprecedented levels, but it must not come at the expense of our ability to handle an increase in workload. This is where Inngest comes in.

An overhauled backend that runs like clockwork

The problems we kept on facing mostly had to do with the processes of social media scheduling and eCommerce imports taking way longer than they should. The reason being is that we were using Python in conjunction with AWS, which, as it turns out, is not the most optimal choice of technology when it comes to handling a boatload of requests at the same time.

With Inngest becoming our partner, not only will our users have a smoother experience, there’s also no longer a need to stare at those active windows when importing a sizable product list - it will now all be executed in the background. No more refreshing the page to see how the import has progressed!

Our partnership also affects the social media scheduling side of things. Now, background jobs will be run serverlessly, and debugging will be much simpler due to built-in logging. Since this is an event-based service, any failed event can be re-run and bugs recreated for diagnostic purposes. In other words, we’ll be able to patch the holes as they appear and scale the project to new heights!

New eCommerce features are on the horizon

As you’ve noticed, Ocoya strives to be much more than just another social media scheduler. Although this is its primary role and the core focus of our development efforts, we feel that offering more than our competitors (and doing a better job at it) is crucial in this market.

With this in mind, partnering up with Inngest will also allow us to cater to that niche segment a bit more, implementing new features for eCommerce store owners that will make adding new products an absolute breeze. In addition, more is in the oven, including features that have to do with migration, optimization, and eCommerce management.

Ocoya was built to take the hassle out of social media management, and now, we want to take the proven recipe and apply it to the world of eCommerce, effectively helping you address the most pressing issues business owners face when managing an online store of any sorts. And that’s not even mentioning the streamlined integration between your online store’s products and social media (more on that soon).

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