May 2023 Product Update

Aivaras Tumas
3 min
August 13, 2023

We’ve had a busy time here at Ocoya and we’re excited to bring you the latest product updates. All of these are geared towards improving your overall experience when using our cutting-edge social media scheduling tool.

So let’s spill the beans, starting with #1:

1. Post commenting and approvals

This much-needed feature allows you to efficiently collaborate with your teammates. In essence, you now have the option to request an admin approval before a post goes live. At the same time, you will also be able to leave a comment, which should come in handy when further improvements are needed. In case you’re referencing someone in particular, you can simply tag them.

Ocoya post approvals
Ocoya post commenting

2. Auto image cropping

When posting images on social media, there is rarely a time when everything has exactly the right proportions. Besides, who has the time to keep track of what the latest recommended image dimensions are across all the social media platforms? Things change over time after all. Ocoya now takes the burden off your shoulders by auto-cropping your images to ensure a perfect fit. Now you’ll stay compliant with every social media platform’s requirements to avoid bumping into any limitations without having to do anything in exchange.

3. New integrations

To streamline your social media management life, Ocoya keeps adding new integrations all the time. This time around, we’ve prepared two major ones:

- Zapier: Connect Ocoya to other third-party services to come up with your own creative workflow automation recipes.

- Grammarly: Never let spelling mistakes slide into your social media captions again, instead letting your posts shine through with clarity and professionalism.

Ocoya Zapier integration
Ocoya Grammarly integration

4. AI image generator

Have you ever found yourself tired of having to browse through the endless piles of stock images and finding nothing that fits, all while having to worry about licensing and attribution? No more. With Ocoya’s built-in AI-powered image generator, you’ll be able to auto-generate the perfect image to go with your post at the snap of a finger. Have a look at the plugins section and give it a whirl.

Ocoya AI image generator

5. Scheduling with Webhooks

From now on, you will be able to utilize Webhooks (previously referred to as Action Links) with your Ocoya posts, allowing you to share your content much more efficiently than ever before. All in all, whatever third-party app you’re using for your social media needs, it will be able to communicate with Ocoya much more efficiently.

6. Overhauled API

To have an even easier time connecting to Ocoya from other apps, we’ve overhauled our API to make it smoother and improve upon its functionality. For instance, you have the freedom to schedule, reschedule, cancel, or shadow your social media posts right through the API. If you prefer to apply the programmatic approach to your social media marketing efforts, you will love these changes.

7. Improved caption editor performance

We’ve tweaked our caption editor’s code to improve its performance and reduce lag. You will find the overall user experience is much smoother than before, allowing you to focus on what matters most – crafting the perfect caption to go along with your post.

8. Various tweaks and improvements

Among the rest of the tweaks you’ll find that images no longer flash in the editor, post variations now always sync correctly, and a whole bunch of other improvements that were long overdue.

Where do we go from here?

We have a philosophy of keeping our roadmap open to the public, allowing us to hear your pleas and implement the most commonly requested features. Among the rest that’s still in the oven, you can look forward to:

- RSS automations: If you have an RSS feed you want to post content from, you will now be able to connect to it from Ocoya and schedule a new post as soon as new content appears.

Ocoya RSS automations

- Recurring schedules: Do you have certain posts you want to keep publishing on an ongoing basis? You will now be able to fully automate this otherwise rather tedious task.

- New social media networks to be added: Ocoya is expanding its range of cover beyond the most popular social media networks by adding support for TikTok, Mastodon, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, GMB, and more. And yes, this includes full API support that allows for programmatic social media management using third-party apps.

The future is bright!

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