June 2023 Product Update

Aivaras Tumas
3 min
August 13, 2023

As another month has passed, it’s time for another product update! We’ve been hard at work, polishing our Swiss Army Knife for all your social media marketing, scheduling, and automation needs. It sounds like a cliché to say that we’ve got something special in store for you this time around, but once you’ve come to the end of the post, you’ll see why this is truly the case.

So without any further ado, here is the feature list, short and to-the-point:

1. A blazing speed increase (up to 10x)

Given that a typical attention span comes in limited quantities these days, it can be infuriating to wait around for a task to complete even a split second longer than what’s absolutely necessary. What you’ll find is that Ocoya, right along with the entire platform, now performs up to 10x faster, paving the way to a silky smooth user experience. No more cursing at the screen while the loading bar doesn’t seem to be progressing anywhere - such woes are nothing but a distant memory now.

2. Put your content on autopilot with RSS

Ocoya now lets you harness the power of RSS, through which you can put your social media campaigns on complete autopilot. Not only that – since the tool has built in AI functionality, it will analyze the content of the post to generate a fitting social media caption to go alongside it. If you’ve ever wanted to explore a hands-off approach to SMM, this is it; no hype, no fluff.

Full-on social media automation with Ocoya's RSS support

3. Supercharge Ocoya’s potential with Integrately integrations

From now on, Ocoya allows for a seamless integration with Integrately, a powerhouse solution for third-party app integration. With this, the sky’s the limit when it comes to building your own automated solution for virtually anything you can imagine. Structure your very own perfectly optimized workflow today. If you need technical guidance, our integration pages will nudge you in the right direction.

Ocoya Integrately integration

There are other exciting features in the oven!

If you think what we mentioned above is amazing, suffice to say there’s more where that came from. Our pipeline is full of exciting new features that will see the light of day sooner rather than later.

Here’s a glimpse:

- Image automation

We’re hard at work, chiseling away at a fully automated way to let you streamline your image creation. No more wasting countless hours browsing through the creative commons platforms, trying to find something suitable. Let AI generate an image for you, without worrying about the legalities, usage rights, or wasting time. AI is the future, and you’ll be left speechless upon seeing what jaw-dropping works of art it can generate (and completely original at that).

- Recurring post scheduling

Lots of business owners have been writing to us, requesting a feature that would allow them to re-schedule their social media posts on an ongoing basis. We’ve heard your pleas! Soon, Ocoya will let you re-schedule posts daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, you’ll be able to customize this feature even more by letting third-party apps hook into its API.

- Additional social media network support

We’ve saved the best for last, but here it is – soon, Ocoya will let you post and schedule content to other social media networks such as GMB, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Reels, Shorts, and Mastodon. And yes, this includes full API support, meaning you will be able to manage them all programmatically from a single point. Talk about convenience!

Have any of these gotten you excited? Then stay tuned for July’s product update as more is in the works.

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