April 2024 Product Update

Aivaras Tumas
3 min
July 8, 2024

Hi there! Aivaras here, bringing you the latest and greatest in terms of Ocoya product updates, straight from the development headquarters.

You’ve asked for progress and we’re here to deliver. With that in mind, we’ll be spilling the beans on what has been going on behind the scenes and bring you up to date with our latest innovative technological breakthroughs, all of them designed to help you shine like a rockstar in the social media space.

Stick to the end, and we’ll also let you in on what’s about to come in the not-too-distant future.

The latest features and updates are now live

All of these are already live, meaning you can fire up Ocoya, your favorite social media scheduling tool, and give them a whirl for yourself.

A completely overhauled UI

Say goodbye to the old user interface and embrace the fresh experience that is our overhauled client-end UI. At Ocoya, our philosophy is making things as intuitive and user-friendly as possible without making them feel dumbed down; with this in mind, the spotlight is on various features that have to do with AI.

In other words, we want to streamline your workflow and take the hassle out of it. Be on the lookout for AI Post Generator and AI Assistants, two features that just got more intuitive, creating a true Ocoya experience, just like it should be.

A new take on Ocoya’s calendar

Fallen in love with Ocoya’s calendar? You’ll love the new take on it even more. Think of it as your creative headquarters where you plan, map out, and execute your social media domination strategy.

What’s still in the works

There’s no shortage of newer and better things to be discovered and we have plenty of these in the oven!

🕺TikTok, YouTube and GBP integrations

TikTok is a video-based social media platform that’s absolutely blowing it out the water with its 1 billion+ active users. As it stands right now, we’re not too far away from finally adding the much-anticipated support for scheduling content on TikTok. The same goes for YouTube and Google Business Profile, which is bound to open new creative possibilities.

🏷 Advanced Post Tagging

In social media marketing, your strategy is often as good as the amount of people your posts can reach. With this in mind, we’re working on introducing post tags and user tagging features, allowing you to interact with your audience in a whole new way and leverage content personalization.

🤝 Hire Professionals

Have you ever encountered a technical obstacle while working on your social media marketing campaigns with no solution in sight? Soon, you will be able to summon a certified Ocoya professional to jump in and lend you a helping hand, whether it be from a technical or marketing standpoint, shedding the light you need to proceed.

📊 Analytics Overhaul

In practice, data-driven decisions often tend to be the best as they essentially take the guesswork out of the equation. At Ocoya, we’re no strangers to this concept ourselves, so we want to give you the tools you need to apply a similar approach to your own marketing campaigns. You will have the opportunity to take a glimpse into advanced social media metrics and refine your strategies by leveraging actionable insights.

As always, we invite you to track the progress we’re making with the help of our public roadmap.

That’s it for this month, see you soon in what’s going to be an even bigger update!

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