9 Ways ChatGPT Can Revolutionize Your Social Media Marketing

Simon Orgulan
9 min
February 12, 2024

Welcome to the brave new world of artificial intelligence. Although AI-powered tools have been around for the last couple of years, hardly anyone was able to foresee the level of refinement and capability that ChatGPT brings to the table. We could even go as far as to say that it effectively gives all the other currently-existing ChatGPT alternatives a run for their money!

A few years ago, opening a chat prompt and writing a request along the lines of “write me an article about X” and having your wish fulfilled in a matter of seconds was nothing more than a wild sci-fi dream. And yet, here we are in 2023 where this is 100% real. Not only that; a prompt like this will cost you nothing more than a couple of cents. Since it’s hard to distinguish the results from what an actual human being would write, it’s astonishing and scary at the same time.

On top of it all, ChatGPT answers many real-life problems beyond factual queries. In fact, you can use ChatGPT for marketing on social media in more ways than one. If you aren’t using this game-changing AI tool yet, your competition surely is.

To make sure you don’t get left behind, here’s how ChatGPT marketing will revolutionize the way you use social media for business:

1. Generate content ideas

As a marketer or social media manager, one of your key responsibilities is coming up with content that your followers would find interesting. While checking out the competition has traditionally been the go-to method for finding inspiration, the reality is, doing research takes time.

Now, you could simply ask ChatGPT to generate a list of ideas for you to use on your social media channel by briefly outlining what it’s about. To make the results even more fitting, you could also order it to research the target demographics in your niche first.

You could even use ChatGPT to fetch the latest industry news. Do you want the results to be organized a certain way, with titles printed on the screen separately from the content? It can do that too.

2. Have it write the content for you

The tool can be much more than a content suggestion machine. You can, in fact, use ChatGPT for content writing tasks and post the output directly to your social media channels with little to no modifications. That’s how powerful ChatGPT content writer is, and as time goes on, it’s only going to get better and more refined.

It goes even beyond writing the content itself. You can, for instance, have it be written in the style of another writer. To state some ChatGPT examples, are you thirsting for some poetry in the style of Shakespeare? It shall be done. Do you require some formal writing that’s worthy to be posted on a news website? That, too, can be arranged.

Although there are some tools whose authors claim they can detect ChatGPT writing, in reality, no one will police you for it… yet. And certainly not the social media platforms where you’ll be posting, given that duplicate content was never an issue there to begin with (assuming you have the necessary rights to post it).

3. Translate your content to different languages

Let’s face it – running and managing multiple social media channels can be stressful enough. Who has the time to localize the content on top of it?

Well, thanks to what ChatGPT translation brings to the table, posting localized content to expand your social media reach may no longer be a far-flung fantasy. Even before, content translated with the likes of Google Translate was dangerously close to real human output.

With ChatGPT being the next stepping stone in the evolution of translation automation, taking a piece of content and localizing it while nailing all the subtle undertones is the least of what an AI-driven tool of such proportions can do.

4. Help you increase conversion rates

At the end of the day, the goal of social media marketing is to sell products and services – upping your follower count is only a stepping stone that helps you get there eventually. One of the core components of successful selling is knowing how to be persuasive. If you’re not a native speaker or haven’t received proper sales training to know exactly what to say, picking the right words can be a struggle.

Want to find a shortcut? The answer you’re looking for is called using the correct ChatGPT prompts. Note that the AI tool takes into equation everything you say and actually custom-tailors the output based on it if at all possible. In other words, if you tell it to make the content persuasive, and that’s exactly what it will optimize it for. In fact, the more clearly defined objectives and guidelines the tool receives, the better the results will be.

Crafting precise and well-thought-out AI Prompts can significantly enhance the relevance and accuracy of the responses, making it a crucial step in leveraging AI capabilities effectively. Using AI Prompts from Prompt Vibes users can ensure a more efficient and targeted interaction with the AI, leading to outputs that closely align with their specific needs and goals.

For instance, if you’re organizing an event and would like to promote it through social media so as to increase attendance, specify this as an objective. If you’ve already researched your target demographics, describe them as part of the guidelines. In case you’ve already posted about it, tell it you’d like it to come up with a follow-up post. Don’t forget to instruct it to use either a more formal or a more casual voice. The more it knows, the more it can help you nail exactly the right kind of post that gets you a high conversion rate.

5. Have it analyze your industry to refine your approach

Whatever products or services you’re selling, they should be better than what your competitors can offer. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance in today’s competitive entrepreneurial landscape. But assuming that’s the case, you have all the goods to back up your claims and should not be too shy about convincing others to switch to your offerings.

One of the ways to use ChatGPT in business is to have it analyze the industry you’re operating in and give you something you can use in your own social media marketing campaigns immediately. Crazy, right?

The next time you’re staring at its prompt, not knowing what to enter, say what’s on your mind and express your desire to entice your competitors’ customers to switch over to your company. ChatGPT will give you copy-paste ready headlines you can use in your email marketing campaigns, social media posts, or anywhere else you’re promoting.

6. Make it fetch data for you

Although ChatGPT was generally built from analyzing well-written pieces of content from the world’s top authors and professionals such as marketing gurus, not many people realize that you can also put it to work by having it fetch fresh data for you. With ChatGPT, web scraping can be done by telling it to generate a script you can plug in and use directly as is (or with small modifications). As is evident fro mthis, you can use ChatGPT for ecommerce by having an easier way to market your online store’s products on your social media channels.

For example, you can tell it to write a script that connects to WooCommerce API and fetches all products currently on sale, displaying their respective titles and prices. The revolutionary thing about it is that you can describe what the script should do using nothing but plain English without necessarily being a programmer yourself. Granted, there may be a few things to fix in the code output such as inserting your private keys to connect to the API, but other than that, it gives you a functional piece of code to play around with.

Once you have it plugged in and ready to roll, you could, for example, use the script to fetch all the products that are currently discounted and post it on your social media networks. It’s on you to come up with what exactly you want it to do, so get creative with it!

7. Learn from ChatGPT directly

Instead of using ChatGPT to generate plug-and-play content, you can also have it be your personal coach if you, for instance, want to learn how to write effective copy that sells. You can ask it to list you the most important elements of social media posts that get the most views. How about that?

At the end of the day, it’s not about mindlessly hurling things at a blank piece of paper (if you want to get better as a social media marketer, that is). Instead, focus on bettering yourself and refining your craft. The trick with ChatGPT is that it researches complex topics that border on art as well as science, ultimately giving you the key takeaways that are easy to digest.

No more burying your head in books if you can have ChatGPT do the heavy lifting for you and give you its notes on the subject.

8. Let it help you manage your social media channels

One of the most time-consuming responsibilities of social media marketing of all is having to juggle multiple tasks that come with managing social media channels. As you know already, there are many things to think about that go beyond coming up with content ideas.

For instance, if you’re using your social media channels to offer customer support and respond to customer inquiries, you’re also going to need to be interacting with people a lot. Some of them will be asking for product-specific advice only a company official can provide the answers to, but what you’ll often find is that a lot of their queries will be on the generic side of things, the kind that can easily be answered with ChatGPT’s help. See where we’re going with this?

Indeed, you can use ChatGPT for researching and providing the answers to these customer questions. You’d be surprised how many of them are simply looking for someone to guide them or help them choose the right kind of product to address an issue they’re struggling with. For obvious reasons, you can’t plug in the script directly and let it run wild on your social media channels – it would still require some supervision. But when everything is said and done, having it generate the answers and making sure they’re relevant and factually correct is way less work than writing everything from scratch.

If you need a workhorse to put your social media marketing campaigns on complete auto-pilot, we’ve got quite a treat for you – a tool you can use in conjunction with ChatGPT, and it’s none other than Ocoya. Here’s the recipe we recommend:

First, fire up ChatGPT and let it research and generate the best content it can for your niche.

Then, feed these posts straight into Ocoya’s smart scheduler that lets you pick the time and the date of when you want each of these posts to go live. Once you set it up, it’s as hands off as it can be.

We’ll guide you through the process.

First, navigate to Ocoya's main page and find the Planner tab to your left. Click it.

Ocoya's planner lets you schedule posts in advance

From here, you can manage your existing posts. To your right, you should see a Create new button which is what we're going to be doing for this example.

Schedule a new post with Ocoya 3.0

Customize your scheduled posts by picking a social media network (or more) to post to, enter the content you'd like published, and hit 'Schedule'.

Ocoya's editor lets you customize your posts

Pick a time and date for your post to go live.

Ocoya's easy scheduler

When you're finally ready to schedule your post, do so by pressing the button in the bottom-right section of the screen.

Last step for scheduling a post in Ocoya

9. Post optimization

Did you know that ChatGPT can also fetch the most relevant hashtags? We’ve written a complete guide on how to find the best hashtags to use on social media and we even have a dedicated hashtag guide for Twitter. But the takeaway is, finding the golden nuggets will take some effort on your part.

Although we still recommend reading up on these best practices to become a better social media manager, ChatGPT certainly does introduce some much-needed automation to the process. Simply tell it where you want to post your content, what it’s about, and let it do its magic. You can also put it in double-quotes and order it to fetch the winning hashtags for it.

And speaking of social media posts that are optimized for grabbing attention and producing high-conversions, Ocoya's AI copywriter can generate them at the click of a button (and in multiple languages to boot). The technology that runs in the background was developed by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, so the results you can expect are very similar. Check out this brief 3 minute tutorial that shows you how it works in practice:

What modern-day AI technology like ChatGPT can accomplish is either astonishing or downright scary, depending on your perspective. It can suggest the best social media strategy, give you content ideas, and even copy-paste-ready headlines and content for you to publish as is.

Regardless, most marketers and social media managers still want to retain some control over what actually gets posted in the end, so their role is gradually shifting from content producers to content editors, tweaking and fiddling with ChatGPT’s output.

Now that you know how to use ChatGPT in business, it’s on you to put it to good work and let it take your social media marketing to a whole new level.

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