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Send your ads or posts directly out onto your Facebook Pages.

Facebook, established in 2004, stands as a distinguished and influential social networking platform that serves as a nexus for global connectivity among individuals. It provides an extensive range of features and tools that enable users to create personalized profiles, facilitating the sharing of updates, photos, and videos.

The platform fosters engagement through interactive functionalities such as comments, likes, and private messaging, enabling meaningful interactions among friends, family, and acquaintances. Functioning as a virtual community, Facebook also offers diverse avenues for users to partake in interest-based groups, follow curated pages, and actively engage in intellectually stimulating discussions.

Furthermore, Facebook encompasses additional functionalities such as facilitating events coordination, serving as a marketplace for commercial transactions, and supporting the seamless streaming of live video content. With its vast user base, Facebook has indubitably established itself as a preeminent platform for global communication, information dissemination, and the cultivation of social connections in the digital era.

To integrate Facebook with Ocoya, click the Socials tab on the left:

Integrate Facebook with Ocya

Click the 'Connect profiles' button on the right:

A screen will show up where you can choose from all the options that are currently available. In this case, select 'Facebook pages'.

A couple of confirmation prompts will come up. Just confirm them all.

Confirm and continue.

And there you have it! Once you've successfully integrated your Facebook page, you will be able to post to it directly or schedule your post. We will also show you how you can reach this editor from the main menu.

To get started with posting live or scheduled Facebook posts with Ocoya, head on over to the app's main page and click 'Create new'. This will take you straight to Ocoya's post editor.

Ocoya Facebook integration

From here, you have a slew of options to take advantage of. If you haven't connected your Facebook profile yet, you'll be able to do it from here (see the top highlighted box). Otherwise, you'll be able to select your Facebook profile from the dropdown menu.

Below, you will see the body of the post editor. Your main content goes here. To enrich it with multimedia elements, take a look at the design editor to the right.

Schedule or post live to Facebook from Ocoya