"Full of useful and time saving features."

Kaliah Nishiyama
Creator at Sakura Milk Jewelry

The Sakura Milk Jewelry Story

How Ocoya helps Sakura Milk Jewelry build their brand and leverage their community on social media.

The many hats

Kaliah Nishiyama is the creator behind Sakura Milk Jewelry, a business that sells sentimental jewelry for mothers. Like most entrepreneurs, Kaliah wears many hats and has a lot to juggle – between her full-time job, her family, and her side business, time is precious. Prior to using Ocoya, her main goal was simply to try to keep up with posting on social media regularly. So when it comes to marketing her business on social media, she needs tools that are intuitive and time-saving.

"Since starting to use Ocoya I've been able find more time in my day."

Ease of use

That’s why she turned to Ocoya: “I was looking for an app that could help me post on social media regularly without having to spend too much time in front of the computer.” What Kaliah loves about Ocoya is that it’s easy to use – even with her busy schedule. As a result, Kaliah has been able to save valuable time (and energy) by planning and scheduling her Instagram posts using Ocoya. This has helped her stay consistent with posting content, which in turn has improved engagement on the channel. Since beginning to use Ocoya she's been able to take advantage of its many powerful features – from being able manage posts ahead of time and recycle old content, to seeing detailed insights into how well her posts are doing. This has freed up more time in her day allowing her focus on other areas of her business.

"Ocoya helped me manage social media better and have more time to get other work done in the day."


With a constantly growing social media following on Instagram and Facebook, they needed help keeping up with regular postings. Ocoya has helped manage their social media accounts more efficiently, giving Kaliah more time to work on other aspects of the business. Ocoya's app is full of features that have saved Kaliah time and money - from the Drag-and-Drop post planner to the ability to bulk upload photos.

"The app is also full of useful and time saving features. The staff are incredibly helpful and responsive as well."

Because of Ocoya, Sakura Milk Jewelry has been able to increase their online sales, as well as keep up with a consistent social media posting schedule. Overall, Kaliah couldn't be happier with the service – and the results – that Ocoya has provided Sakura Milk Jewelry.

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