"Ocoya simplified a lot of the time we would spend on creating content“

Narek Zograbian
Operations Analyst at Discount Pool Mart

The Discount Pool Mart Story

How Discount Pool Mart uses Ocoya to create and manage social media content for 7 stores.

A helping hand

Discount Pool Mart, a local family-owned and operated swimming pool and spa supply store, has been using Ocoya since 2021 to help with their social media management. The Zograbian family has been running Discount Pool Mart for over 35 years, and they know a thing or two about keeping pools and spas full of supplies. But when it came to managing their social media presence, they needed a helping hand.

"We wanted a simple platform to make it easy to manage and create content for social media for multiple store locations with each platform and store profile having their own needs in terms of content requirements."

One platform

Narek Zograbian, Operations Analyst at Discount Pool Mart, has been using Ocoya to help with creating content for the store's social media channels. With 7 locations in Los Angeles, each store has its own specific needs when it comes to what type of content is shared on which platforms. But with Ocoya, Narek can easily create and manage all the store profiles from one platform, making it simple and streamlined to keep content flowing. Ocoya has simplified the process of creating content for social media. This has freed up more time to focus on other aspects of the business such as operations and customer service. Ocoya has simplified the process of creating content and coming up with ideas, making it easier than ever before to keep all 7 stores' social media accounts updated.

"Ocoya simplified a lot of the time we would spend on creating content and even coming up with ideas for content. The Travis AI really helps get you out of a creative block."

Writer's block

The Travis AI feature within Ocoya is also a lifesaver when it comes to getting out of creative blocks – being able to algorithmically generate post ideas keepsDiscount Pool Mart's social feeds fresh and engaging week after week.

"Ocoya just works“

Overall, Narek finds that Ocoya just works – it's easy to use, helps him save time and hassle when creating content, and makes life a little less stressful overall!

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