"It has every feature we were looking for our content marketing needs."

Babar Abbasi
CEO at CPL Leads

The CPL Leads Story

How Ocoya helps CPL Leads generate leads and grow their brand

A Pay Per Call Marketing company

CPL LEADS is a Pay Per Call Marketing company that offers prequalified callback leads and live transfer for all of its verticals. Founded in 2016 by Babar Abbasi, the company has seen great success in terms of marketing objectives thanks to Ocoya.

Growing with Ocoya

Babar Abbasi, founder of CPL Leads, started using Ocoya in early 2021 as a way to automate his social media publishing process. With scheduled posts based on his calendar, it freed up time for him to focus on other marketing initiatives. Fast forward to present day: they have used OCOYA – an all in one social media management tool-to help them with promoting content as well as engaging customers on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. The results have been fantastic; not only has the team managed to maintain a high level growth but they are also happy with the key performance indicators (KPIs).

"I can spend less time on my social media outlets and focus on getting my audiences to engage with my posts without hassle."

In terms of results, Babar was happy with the increased engagement he saw across all platforms – but especially on Twitter where they saw an 800% increase in likes and retweets compared to the previous month (before using Ocoya). He also found that the built-in image editor saved him time and money since he no longer needed additional software or services for editing images. Overall, Babar is thrilled with how Ocoya has helped CPL leads achieve their marketing objectives.

The whole work process with Ocoya

Ocoya has helped take care of many aspects associated with social media publishing such as creating captivating visuals ads/posts, scheduling posts ahead based on a calendar set up ,and adding relevant hashtags. On top of publishing features it also provides powerful insights & analytics which makes tracking conversations easier alongside understanding how certain posts resonate better than others It goes without saying that automating these tasks make running a leaner & tighterShip more manageable Social Media Team

"The best all in one social media automation tool by far."

Ocoya is an all-in-one social media management dashboard that helps you promote your content and engage with customers. It includes AI content writing, photo editing, hashtag generation, and many more features which have helped CPL Leads achieve their marketing goals. Automated scheduling of posts based on your calendar means less time spent managing social media accounts – freeing up more time to focus on lead gen activities.

Saving time with Ocoya

To date, they have been very happy with the KPIs achieved using Ocoya – automated scheduling of posts based on a pre-determined calendar has ensured regular content distribution without having to spend time on manual posting tasks; moreover, being able to see insights into how customers interact with published content has allowed them fine tune their approach going forward. 1000s of stock images make creating rich visual content easy whilst AI generated captions add an extra layer or intrigue (and humor) around otherwise mundane promotional tweets!

"It includes AI content writing, photo editing, hashtag generation – everything we needed really!"

Ocoya is an all in one social media management toolkit that ticked every box for what they needed.

This subsequently frees up more time for engagement activities like responding to comments and DMs. Ultimately this means happier customers who are better serviced by CLP Lead’s crack team!

"Overall, we are very happy with the KPIs we’ve had in recent months using OCOYA and we are sure that we will be able to maintain a good level of growth using this amazing tool"

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