"Ocoya is a real time and money saver.“

Aman Patel
Co-founder at C4D Marketing Agency

The C4D Story

How Ocoya helps C4D save time and money to be productive.

The concept of Social Media or content marketing is becoming inevitable process for all businesses whether small scale or multinational. It has been found that marketers who share compelling stories on social media i.e., Facebook, Instagram etc. manage to create better buying habits as compared to those who don’t as they were good communicators and storyteller also. In this era of advertising where all attention span is very minimal and people need instant gratification, it becomes critical for any company across the board to take advantage of digital marketing tools too not just spend huge amounts of money but wise.

Producing the best possible content

Aman is a co-founder at Content Marketing Agency C4D who help companies to produce the best possible content on the internet. For Aman and his team, maximizing profits was always a top priority – but that required dedicating time and resources to tasks like creating content, copywriting, and scheduling. With a team of four energetic people, their objective was to increase Engagement by posting high quality content across different channels from one single location— but this wasn’t as easy as it looked! They used one tool for copywriting, the other for design and scheduling posts. This led to wasted time and money as well as duplication of effort.

"When Ocoya came into our picture, we were able to reduce the cost and hence maximise our profits. It also provides a great opportunity for team collaboration as well."

The real time saver

Upon using Ocoya they were able to reduce expenses and boost productivity as it helped us streamline all aspects of content marketing into one single dashboard – tools that made formerly arduous tasks easier also brought in an enormous time saving solution. With Ocoya’s all-in-one platform, they’re now able to manage all aspects of Content Marketing from one single dashboard. Streamlining their workflow has saved them valuable time – meaning they can focus on what they do best: helping their clients achieve better results online. And because of its collaborative features, everyone in the agency can easily contribute towards scheduled posts – making sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

"The tool reduced my team’s long hours of work and helped them gain a lot of time for other responsibilities while also not creating any issue in terms of quality!"

Improved efficiency + value for money = increased profits for C4D Marketing Agency. With Ocoya’s help, Aman and his team have found an affordable solution that maximizes their efficiency – leading to more profit for their business overall

"Before switching to Ocoya, our agency used to work on different tools for different goals. We used to create content from one tool, copywriting from another and scheduling from a third."

Creative power needed on board

C4D, with it’s focus of sharpening the creative thought process in business establishments faced a problem while managing projects. This was because they were missing an equally powerful tool for Designing content too— so when Ocoya came into our horizon we just let them take charge of the design tasks and left all copywriting to be done through it too. This saved us at least 70-80 hours per month while boosting productiveness manifold!

"The entire team of Ocoya is very friendly and open to queries on any new input or suggestions about adapting our workflow for managing future projects with it too! Their customer care service has always been quick in replying, which peaks our curiosity to know what they have up their sleeves next month!"

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